How to unclog a toilet using hot water & dish soap. DIY…save MONEY before calling a plumber!


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Palmolive dish soap (really good stuff!) Amazon link:

This is my #1 YouTube! video! I researched how to do this and decided to give it a try myself. It actually works! Be patient though, can take 15-30 mins to get everything back to normal. Remember, the key is piping hot water 💧 and dish soap. Boiling water is not a good idea though. Not responsible for any damage to you or your property with what is presented in this video. This video is for information/entertainment/educational/news purposes only. Consult a plumber for professional advice if needed.

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  1. Chris DIYer says

    Did this video help you out? Send me a tip via PayPal!

  2. Katie Smith says

    Omg that is what mine is doing. So glad I found this.

  3. james radski jr. says

    This is up close and personal Toilete 101.

  4. Economist from Hell says

    Took two hours of patient refilling with hot water – key word was patient – and it finally went away! Thanks. Without the emphasis on 'patient', as well as the technique, I might have given up!

  5. Nathan Seo says

    Will it work if there's still some water in the toilet? The water is draining but stops at a certain point

  6. TheTurnerBot says

    Thanks so much!!!!!

  7. Stacy Ricketts says

    l tried it and it works

  8. exaum says

    this totally worked for me

  9. Jessica Derricott says

    I am a single mom 3 kids and our toilet is clogged. I am going to go try this one right now…. I will be back

  10. Michael D says

    How hot? 2:16 5:07

  11. Jessica Rubio says

    This worked for us!!!! Thank you!!!!

  12. Aydin Vision HD says

    Worked , but worried about the wax seal being melted , anyone had any issues Thxs

  13. Johannes Maier says

    This really works i Love it thank you multiple times dude thank you

  14. soitvthailand says

    enjoying my dump on the crappier watching on the tv this vlog am hot

  15. Richard Mecham says

    Thank you so much! It works very well. After 4 times!!! Lifesaver

  16. Jackie Ramirez says

    It work thank you 😊

  17. Ronald kharat says

    It worked in one go after watching this video, my toilet was blocked for 2 days already, told me to replace the bowl thanks to u, everything worked out perfectly

  18. H C says

    Thank you so much. It really worked in just few minutes!

  19. Mari M says

    I'm trying this when I get home. I have a scumlord that insists that I am responsible for the property maintenance since I rent there. So praying this works.

  20. Sherona Vassell says

    Can this also work if poop is in the toilet ?

  21. Anna Cats says

    I used the dish washing liquid and hot water. Didnt work so i plunged using my mop. I plunged it 50 times and it unblocked. The dish washing liquid might have helped with it

  22. ThereSheGoes says

    Oh my! It worked the first try! Thank you!!!

  23. Eliesha Steffanson says

    This really works! Thank you so much! I tried plunging the clogged toilet with 3 different plungers and nothing worked until i tried this. Gonna throw those no good plungers away!

  24. Swathi Reddy Vaddireddy says

    My toilet is blocked with mysur sandal soap how can I clear that soap plz help me

  25. Christian Cesaro says

    Bless your soul! Once I started plunging, it went down no problem!

  26. Kynslee Burris says

    It worked thank you so much and now I don’t have a clogged toilet

  27. soyyoroaldo says

    Wow! This worked for me. Totally clogged, wrestling with the toilet on and off all day, contemplating calling for help. Did a YouTube search found this. Just one try and it drained free!My tip – I used my kitchen countertop hot water beverage heater for the hot water. Filled it up and boiling poured a couple in the toilet with a couple big glugs of dish soap. Bingo!

  28. Shanika Bethune says

    Thanks for this video!

  29. Madan Mohan says

    Thanks for suggestion

  30. caramel king200000 says

    Good Video !!! New Subscriber !!!

  31. Prasad Rao says

    Thank you!! Worked perfectly…

  32. tlm atl says

    After a few minutes of trying to plunge my toilet to unclog it, it started to over flow in the tub. Based on internet searching, I'd need to call a plumber ASAP! I literally tried everything and nothing worked. I was completely frustrated and thinking my line is clogged and I don't have the money to call a plumber that may just come and cause more problems…….and then I found this video! Thank you Lord!👏🏼🙏🏼💃😂 It worked! It worked! I'm about to take that money I would have called a plumber for and go buy myself something nice! I'd like to cashapp you something too……please send cashapp name! (Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!)

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