How to use Fire Wire Cables for data transfer


This video shows various types of MX FireWire cables. It shows Connection from iMac to hardisk using MX Firewire & using USB 2.0. It also shows how images are captured from Camera to PC.

MX Firewire is divided either into Firewire 4 pin, Firewire 6 pin and Firewire 9 pin or Firewire 400 and firewire 800.

What is FireWire??

FireWire is Apple Computer’s version of a standard, IEEE 1394, High Performance Serial Bus, for connecting devices to your personal computer. FireWire provides a single plug-and-socket connection on which up to 63 devices can be attached with data transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps (megabits per second). The standard describes a serial bus or pathway between one or more peripheral devices and your computer’s microprocessor. Many peripheral devices now come equipped to meet IEEE 1394.

FireWire and other IEEE 1394 implementations provide:

A simple common plug-in serial connector on the back of your computer and on many different types of peripheral devices

A thin serial cable rather than the thicker parallel cable you now use to your printer, for example

A very high-speed rate of data transfer that will accommodate multimedia applications (100 and 200 megabits per second today; with much higher rates later)

Hot-plug and plug and play capability without disrupting your computer

The ability to chain devices together in a number of different ways without terminators or complicated set-up requirements

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  1. RobK says

    very well explained!!..I want to use a HDMI(4.2.2 clean output) GoPro 5 there a good HDMI coverter or cable connector available to connect to the Firewire port on my old Imac20"?thanks

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    thank my apple 10.4 /10.5 /10.6.8 best working thank you video firewire good 🙂

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