1. jimmydolittle says

    Is it no possible to write data direct to a numbers document?

  2. Conrad Murkitt says

    Thanks. This inspired me and guided me to create my first workflow!!

  3. Lucas Bianchi says

    Sorry don't get it free expenses tracker exports and run bank account with it for transfers etc

  4. Dominik Tünnerhoff says

    Really great work, thanks a lot!Once having created a CSV-file with values, any chance to update them? In example two columns CSV-file with a Name and a number – once set running the WF the first time or manually; doesn‘t really matter to me. However, CSV may look like this:Mike,12,Sam,16,Nik,18,Now when I run the WF a second time, I want to update the record for Sam from 16 to 20 – is that possible?

  5. LD says

    Excellent tutorial! Please if you have any more ideas that you feel you can share please do!

  6. Elio Villegas says

    What a useful tutorial. One question: I'm using "Append to File" instead of "Append to Dropbox File" and I saving it to my iCloud /Workflow/xxxx.csv file. But every time I run it, it creates another new file with "-#" (where # is an incremental number starting on 2) after the filename, before the file extension of ".CSV". How can I do to really append to the same original file? Thank you.

  7. Glenn Taylor says

    Can you use this in numbers instead of excel?

  8. Brian Woods says

    I'm a new workflow user and found your video to be very helpful in figuring out how to properly use the app. Looks like there are endless possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing

  9. Rafael Rocha says

    Great video, tks.

  10. EmmsieK says

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful. Gonna give it a go

  11. Papo Papo says

    Extremely intelligent Zia. Is it possible to do this with numbers on iPad? (So no Dropbox) Apple just bought this company the app is now apples. Seems they have plans for it. 9to5Mac: https://9to5mac.com/2017/03/22/apple-acquires-powerful-ios-automation-app-workflow-makes-it-available-for-free/

  12. hlidskjalf666 says

    My new favourite channel!I Wonder, How can i Create a workflow that loggs my driving?I managed to follow your guide, and pick current location, chose time and date as 2 "variables"thats replaced with , – and with the push of one buttom it saved to dropboxfile spreadsheet.Somehow, I think the distance should be calculated

  13. Danny Kinch says

    Really useful tutorial. Thank you for uploading.

  14. Gary Edward Learned says

    Very nice tutorial. One comment. You can use the "Format Date" to fix the date rather than added dashes. I usually change my format to yyyy-mm-dd hh:ss.

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