How to use Windows Live Movie Maker


Topics Covered

0:16 Importing Footage and Photos
1:06 Splitting clips
Adding captions
Sound file importing
Finishing the movie
Rendering the finished project

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  1. Lamboguy633 says

    Hey there team Titpaste





  4. Gael Johnson says

    Where do I find it? I know how to use it but I can't find the page you are working on. You need to show how to get that.

  5. lodhi tech says

    how to crack window movie maker with guaranteed

  6. Dave Sabre says

    Canadian alert at 5:48!! Just kidding mate, love the video. A good intro for a… not so great program

  7. Nguyen Hien says

    Photo Video Maker is an attractive app and fun to play app when you are bored and want to view or showcase the pictures to your friends.Download NOW: 20:22:54.7035

  8. Robert Storment says

    Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original songs, He Wasn't Just A Dog, Evergreen (We Remain) and Go'n Downtown.  Thanks for your video and thanks for listening.

  9. M.T. Coffin says

    Bacon, Bacon, needs more bacon!

  10. Leonardo Villamor says

    does it have speed ? like ex. you want to make fast the video?

  11. Purple Gravitation says

    How did you get your video to spread out into scenes like that? It won;t let me, When I upload a video on movie maker it puts it into one whole thing

  12. Joseph Caissie says

    you move to fast foyer us to see wtf your doing

  13. MrPineapple says

    Instructions aren't clear enough, i got my dick stuck on my computer screen

  14. Our Philippine Life says

    All I see is a green screen – I've refreshed the browser, even tried a different browser, but it keeps playing in green……….!

  15. nice toes says

    u try to upload a video to YouTube but it doesn't work

  16. Manook says

    wut about fast forwarding..

  17. TheWorldFromFerg says

    How much kevin coulw a bacon, bacon, bacon, if a a bacon could kevin bacon? Lol. Good vid! That's what I use!

  18. Domingo says

    Can we get to a 1000 likes?!

  19. Adylade Stark says

    I'm confused

  20. RoseGotClout says

    yous shound add mucis

  21. Falcon 33x says

    this video is very soundly

  22. Vermillion Stallion says

    I have downloaded a Windows Movie Maker but it's Spanish and I've tried to delete it in every possible way I know but when I tried to install the English version it say "this Program has been installed", why and how'd I fix this ? please tell me.

  23. Chris says

    How do you split audio from a video? I only want the audio from the videos but can't seem to split them

  24. Mrinalini Kornala says

    hello! when I click on add music and select a track,its showing music plays after that last video or photo.I end up with a mute video.anyone please help…:-( :'( :'(

  25. Meh Dawson says

    quick question how would i upload the video too an ipod 5 (so its in the camera roll) thanks

  26. dariela monrreal says

    how can you save it in a DVD ?????

  27. Mike Gibson says

    I don't understand is there a story board like in 2.6 how to you exactly do it?

  28. Kuro Kato says

    i put music on my video but the music are not playing at all. what's the problem?

  29. Jessa Flux says

    How do I set an exact aspect ratio and why isn't the video's sound that was already there playing when I run the video in the program?

  30. Thiago Lanis says

    It's not illegal to download this software?

  31. Jade Furuta says

    Hello, how are you? you might be able to help me with this. sometimes when I have music in one scene, showing a place for example.. and then the next scene ( splitted already) I start talking, the beginning of the scene sound is very low, kind of fading , and then 1 sec later it goes up to normal volume. but I checked everything , there was no fade in, fade out medium/ slow on, it was on its regular settings. so why is my speech starting in such a low volume the first second? I really need to fix this. thank you very much. Jade

  32. Si mon says

    thanks for taking the time do this. However Movie Maker is extremely unstable. In my experience it is probably the worst editing software ever created.

  33. alex west says

    how do you get rid of the black on the sides of the video? When I upload thing on YouTube it doesn't fit the the whole screen resulting on having black sides on the video. PLEASE HELP ME!

  34. mill101 says

    Have you ever got Background Color to work for text?For captions say, a dark BG so the text appears better?I use MM a lot. One thing I miss is splitting the audio from the video so I can insert additional videos over the audio of the original clip. I know MM is intended to be simple so this feature may not make it to product.All my vids are edited with MM:

  35. madison says

    Is it safe?

  36. Domingo says

    Who will be the 400th like?

  37. Ve says

    in my country dom means stupid😂😂😂😂

  38. RexakonGaming says

    Windows 10 doesnt work with Movie Maker 🙁 HALP!

  39. PHERO says

    For some reason whenever I try to add music it doesnt let me. It shows some yellow triangle with a black '!'. Any ideas on what to do?

  40. ltskenny says

    please help

  41. Nelson says

    My intro is going to be like "ITS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE! (music)"

  42. Stephen Trindall says

    This is driving me crazy… Windows 8 has no Start button… can somebody explain HOW TO START WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER????

  43. Gordon Dewar says

    couldn't listen anymore,why did u even bother with Kevin Bacon nothing made any sense.

  44. Christine Adamski says

    hi, so i have a dilemma. I have been working on my movie/slideshow for a few weeks now on windows movie maker 2012, i think, and i have added a few videos from my iphone and now they are screwed up. Anyone know how i can fix that? and its the original videos. Also after being frustrated with the whole videos being screwed up i just made it so i could save it, because i couldn't save it with the corrupt videos in it. I saved it and then when i went to play it back from the saved file it is completely f***ed up! its all glitzy! I am really really pissed because i spent a long time getting it perfect. Is there a newer version? or am i just f***ed?! I have tried other free slideshow/movie makers but they don't come close to what i have made with movie maker and also to do some things i would have to pay. please help, anyone. thanks.

  45. Cat Nguyen says

    hi guys!! i have just uploaded my lyric video on youtube, please check it out and feel free to comment for me so that i can make better videos next times !!!!! thank you!!

  46. Karolina K says

    Thank you soo much for making this tutorial. It really helped!!

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