How to Value Antique Dishes by Dr. Lori


Watch as Dr. Lori reveals how to spot dishes of value by their white color and how to tell if your dish is made in America even if it’s not marked. Plus, tips about storing dishes, avoiding dishes with lead, and much more. Learn more about bone china vs. porcelain at

Ask Dr. Lori to appraise your antique at or attend one of her events at

Watch Dr. Lori on History’s The Curse of Oak Island.

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  1. Sujita Bhandari says

    Thank you

  2. rivermist80 says

    Now Ia

  3. ER Sjahrial says

    Hi Dr. Lori. I have a 40 years old dinner ware by Nikko Japan from my mom I am contemplating to sale or keep. How do I contact you and how much is your appraisal fee ?

  4. jm says

    What about Royal Albert teacups…. do they contact lead?

  5. Leif Harmsen says

    When I meet my maker I will ask if he put lead in my glaze.

  6. Jean Little says

    Next Christmas I’m asking Santa for a brain like yours. You are spectacular!

  7. Alesia Massey says

    Informative video, but I really don't understand the stridency over foam sheets for protecting dishes. Yes, they will have an insulating effect, so will "retain heat," however, china and porcelain are not mammals, or nuclear power plants: they don't generate their own heat; so, unless one is storing their antique china next to a heater, or in an un-insulated attic, or some other place that gets very warm, using foam sheets makes no difference whatsoever. China doesn't heat itself, so there will be no heat to be retained. It seems to me that the more pertinent advice would be to keep your china stored in a cool environment.

  8. Danny Ng says

    Hello Dr, Lori.I have 2 plates from 1964 and another is 1750s . I didn't know how much price worth it?

  9. angelsrone says

    What about Corning Ware is it worth anything

  10. Johnny Salazar says

    I love ya . Mrs lori i follow you cuz you teach me sooomuch but even if i feel i know i am not perfect as you . there are so many fakes i learned first hand. I have a drawing by FS FITSGERALD ITS 4/86 AND HIS SIGNATURE BUT LONG STORY SHORT HE SAID IT WAS WORTHLESS BUT. HE WANTED IT I KEPT IT CUZ FITSGERALD WAS A GREAT WRITER..THE GREAT GATSBY WOULD LOVE TO PRICE IT BUT MONEY IS TIGHT RIGHT NOW HOPE TO SEE YOU IN HUMBLE TX .STAY SAFE GOD BLESS

  11. Angelina Hinson says

    I have a set passed down from grandmother Hallcraft by Eva Zeisel Classic and Shape. Well some say Classic and then some just say Classic shape. I don't know the value or if that means two sets. I have probably 70 pieces I would say give or take. Amazing like new condition. Looking to sell it but don't know where to take things like this. Can someone help guide me in right direction? Thank you

  12. New Nostalgia Sculptures Dame Sinclair says

    My Blue Willow from great grandmother is Staffordshire.

  13. mrs_efess says

    I need to know the value of these statues how should I send u pics of them ?

  14. mrs_efess says

    Hi Dr Lori can u help me out with the value of antique I have please .

  15. Lam Post says

    Today my friend brought a cup and it said Bone China. Can you please comment on this and will using this be health concern?

  16. Millie Mcilvaine says

    Dr Lori. I have a large set of Shelley China. My mother purchased it in London in 1956. They are in pristine condition. No chip or cracks. The pattern. Is blue rimmed with small pink and blue flowers. How do I know if it is collectable and it's worth. The pattern is 2326.

  17. Dwayne A says

    Hi Dr.Lori. how do I find out what my mint Shelley columbine china 13922 is worth ?

  18. Paula Swann says

    Just love Dr. Lori.

  19. Mari Montalvo says

    Finally, someone who is outspoken (straight forward) like I m, will keep in touch.

  20. Norma Peyton says

    I have a Turkey platter but no markings on back.

  21. Madison Roberts says

    I wish I could get some dishes valued over got some I can’t find on google minions booths and Scottish ware

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