How to Wash the Dishes Effectively


Peter Miller, the Marie Kondo of dishwashing, if you will, stops by our studio to discuss an often overlooked (and occasionally reviled) part of cooking: washing the dishes. Author of “How to Wash the Dishes,” Miller shares his tips to make dishwashing more efficient, and–dare we say–enjoyable! READ MORE ►►


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  1. Nubby Rose says

    Loved this video so much I ordered the book. The quote in the beginning of the book from Thich Nhat Hahn (sp?) sold me immediately but so did the look of the book. Once I get a chance to read the book I may get several copies for my daughters. The dishwashing method shown in the video is straight from my grandmother’s kitchen. Thank you for the memory.❤️

  2. Franchesa Estrada says

    This is so hard for poor people but good job

  3. jrootabega says

    Are you looking at Ed McMahon over there? 😁

  4. Michelle Marie says

    This is a very aesthetically pleasing video…..

  5. Lamya Smith says

    Where quarantine has lead me today

  6. Crystal B says

    omg I wanted to move his tie the whole time but maybe he wanted to clean it

  7. Silverman Stacey says

    Why IS it so hard to find a good quality absorbent dish towel?

  8. Madhu Menon says

    Missed a huge tip: don't wear a damn tie when washing dishes unless you want to wash your tie too.

  9. Elvira Molinar says

    And that's how you wash dishes! Thank you for this video!…more people need to learn how to wash dishes. My Mother taught me since I could barely reach the table where she had her three basins, one to take food off the dish, one to scrub and one to rinse. By the way, we had to boil water to wash dishes. No indoor plumming! I grew up in Mexico.

  10. Daniel de Paula says

    He's also washing his tie and I'm getting nervous about it.

  11. Isaac Mulvey says

    My mum and dad had a go at me for “not washing up properly” even tho I was doing what this guy does. So I show them the video and they got mad at me for it

  12. Andrew Wray says

    I suppose this is a necessary lesson of instruction for some people – I was taught all of this as a teenager by my mother – it is very important to thoroughly wash all detergent off the utensils as detergent damages the lining of your stomach

  13. Charlotte R G says

    Someone get this man a tie clip 😨

  14. selin gulcen says

    you are nearly there go on to my computer- selin bıbıy-and type "happy birthday"————good luck

  15. Ke V says

    You missed so many spots on every dish its concerning. Unless this was a video on pre washing before staring the dish washer, you are ineffectively washing dishes. Skipping all those spots basically ensure one person with a cold will get it from using the same dishes. If anyone washer dishes that way, you should respect other and not have them over to eat from your dishes at you house. I am actually concerned for the health of anyone who thinks its normal to skip all those spot on a dish.

  16. Lion Fire says

    My worse part of the day.

  17. Andrew W says

    what a useless, incoherent, shambling mess

  18. MsSoulSale says

    oh i just loved it! so adorable and lovely way of telling about smth I usually considered a bit lame tbh, but now I really wanna go and try it this way :3 btw a great idea to have a bowl with soapy water, quite eco friendly tip for those who has just began their path to more sustainable lifestyle.

  19. Wunder Brot says

    Okay but how do you get bread dough off of … everything? They gum up sponges like crazy!

  20. Wunder Brot says

    "there's an enormous amount of deceit about dish towels" 😂😂😂😂

  21. Swee Lim says

    Never seen so much yakking when he could have presented all the relevant info in one minute or less.

  22. Chey Baker says

    I am not sure why I"m watching this video as I'm pretty sure I'm at the pro level of dishwashing skill.  But, watching just the same.  hah!

  23. babycoqui says

    Finally a video about this! 👏👏👏

  24. Jakob Schwalm says

    I liked it so much that I kicked out my dishwasher!

  25. Pierre O. Park says

    ABC (Always Be Cleaning) as you go when cooking.

  26. Lili Sz says

    How to wash the dishes:Step 1: wash the dishes😃But he's adorable.

  27. Storied Coffee says

    This man is my hero.

  28. Azhar Elmiza says

    He still wasting water.I would put the most dirtiest dishes in the sink to get rinsed when you rinsing the soaped less dirty dishes and cutleries. Always organised what needs to be washed quickly first and pots and pans in the sink getting soaked while using the rinsing water. Dismantled and discarded all the food, ie coffee ground before starting the washing.

  29. inkyguy says

    He is correct about "feeling it." From personal experience, both in woodworking and dishwashing, I can attest that your fingers are more sensitive than your eyes, especially as we age, but it is true at any age. Your hands and fingers will detect dirty spots that you would otherwise (literally) overlook.

  30. L1 says

    I watched a guy washing dishes for 10 minutes and am glad I did

  31. Kaan says

    For anyone who came for dishwashing tips here they are:- Use thick gloves to make most of your hot water and not to dry your hands from detergent. Buy one size larger always.- Always soak your dishes in water after eating.- If there are dry dishes soak them before starting to clean.- Clear off the larger items first like bowls, pots etc.- I prefer not to use a drying towel. Have a drying rack close to you. Align dishes vertically- If you don't have enough space on your counter try to add an extra platform for the drying rack like a coffee table.- Use the sponge to wipe off the counter.- Finally wipe the counter with a cloth.- If the floor is getting wet have a separate cloth or sponge for that. Wipe at the end. Rinse gloves before taking off.

  32. nludd says


  33. Sue Frause says

    Wonderful book by a terrific writer (Full Disclosure: Peter is a longtime neighbor/friend).

  34. Charity Dutton says

    👎 Dishes mansplained. 🙄 Step one: don’t wear your dress shirts and ties to wash dishes and if you do- our on an apron.Why make a separate soaking water for silverware?Silverware minus sharps gonin first to soak.They soak while you do glassware- plates and eating bowls and anything that needs to go “first” before greasy things. Really soiled pots n pans can be soaked separate before you start so they’ll have softened.

  35. Rebecca Smith says

    One time as I was washing a sink full of dishes with a bad attitude, it struck me that if I was washing dishes then it must mean I had food to eat or that I had just eaten. That may seem like a silly thing to say but it was an attitude adjustment for me, that I need to show gratitude. Ever since I have had a better experience when I clean up after a meal! Thank you for this video! I am grateful to have food to feed my family and I’m thankful that I have the tools to make and serve that meal!

  36. jjkitzing says

    That's a weird but kinda smart way to use the dish cloth. In Sweden we typically use it to wipe off countertops and tables. I would never use the sponge thing to wipe down the kitchen. Also, learned nothing new but his enthusiasm made me smile.

  37. blake6291 says

    What a terrible video. Doesn’t go over basic sanitation and he washes a total of 6 dishes. Not efficient at all.

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