1. Messi Magic™ says

    Did Anyone Notice The Player Named "Corona" in This Video??

  2. Habanz Nonglang says

    I feel bad for those who hate this Guy . . Not Just A Great Player but Honesty and Loyalty,and more in the list . . I'm glad I'm his Biggest Fan . . Hope My son and Daughter will have his kind of spirits and beautiful soul . .

  3. Pao Chongloi says

    It just the egger of playing the ball at your feet all the time, the thrust for having the ball at your feet and run forward. Which makes him forget and sometimes ignoring the kick or foul. If someone has played football will know it. Yes, we do want to make the most out of it from decision when the ref do not call or call for it. But the work hard when we get the ball in the box to pass it or to shoot it yourself is just another satisfying thing which cannot be described.Which Messi has it.

  4. waad 109 says

    The last clip got on my nervesssss like JUST LEAVE THE MANS SHIRT ALONE FOR GOD SAKE

  5. Aseke Nurik says

    Messi is stronger than pele

  6. Aseke Nurik says

    MESSI Go! Ole ole

  7. Nils Delri says

    The ronaldo one isn't the same there because the goal got cancelled because of the header

  8. Aditya Dash says

    Messi fan here But 5:43 CR7 angry cos goal got cancelled.But many times cristiano is upset if he doesn't get goals instead of teammates but I think not this time.Messi the ? , God,kingBow to the master

  9. Jason White says


  10. allo koi koi says

    Il est pas humain c'est un ovnis

  11. Leo Daniel says

    Mind you ,Ronaldo reacted because Nani was offside, bale has done something like this to Ronaldo and he didn't react because the goal was allowed

  12. silloweet says

    You aren’t talking about Ronaldo? The end is near

  13. Adam Balogh says

    Anyone ever gonna make a video like this about Hazard? He deserves it even more, hes the calmest I ve ever seen.

  14. Frank Danso says

    @7:40 ??? a player called corona??

  15. Dani Hinojo says

    4:39 song?

  16. Dadou in pictures says

    New standards set by Lionel Messi in football 2020https://youtu.be/lIovAX6g_DU

  17. Mik Mirt says

    5:00 tevez didn’t steal the goal mate. The defender would’ve cleared it since the ball was slow, but tevez nudged it enough to get it over the line

  18. Essam Saeed says

    U should make one for cristiano Ronaldo to the amount of hate he gets from messi fans and I'm saying this as not fans of both respect them both equally

  19. Devika Malhotra says


  20. CEC SOCCER says



    Unselfish football player in the world


    Unselfish football player in the world

  23. Jubaer Khan Joy says

    7:40 Corona trying to slow down the GOAT like.. ?

  24. Team Barcelona says

    Which one do you think is Messi's best duo based on their connections? Messi – Iniesta, Messi – Xavi, Messi – Neymar, Messi – Suarez, Messi – Alves or other one? Comment below ?

  25. Gustavo Almeida says

    Vicky Cómo andás todo bien guacho Hola misi cómo andás soy tu suscriptor Cómo andás todo bien cómo andás tío Messi

  26. golam sergio says

    7:40 CORONA well !

  27. Dovahkiin Jr says

    Madrid = eternal son of Messi

  28. Григорий Прус says

    Cause Messi is a Man,not Ronaldu))!

  29. Francisco Olivos says

    La patada de Gary Medel fue con cariño. A la hora que le pega de verdad lo manda al hospital ??

  30. soham bhattacharyya says

    in 7:46..the player's name is corona..any one noticed?..if so plz reply

  31. Krishan Lohia says


  32. Navin Dubey says

    Ya Messi is so humble = that he did not even shot a Real Madrid fan in the crowd And he even didn't said mother f*ckrr to RAMOS RIGHT!!!

  33. Oscar Granath says

    I love Messi but the part where you showed how angry Ronaldo got when Nani stole his goal was unnecessary. You can’t really compare Pedro stealing Messi’s goal to Nani stealing Ronaldo’s goal from an offside position

  34. Angela ytc says

    Gary medel ??

  35. Aposta da Galera says


  36. Yash Dabholkar says

    For that medel got yellow in 16 and messi did nothing and got red

  37. Noah Aja says

    Because he know refree will backup him anyway. Not like cr7 will got yellow card for diving?

  38. Klaus Brinck says

    7:44 Messi doesn´t capture Corona, Corona tries to capture Messi…!

  39. Chariya Moniroth 8M says

    Ok im not mad when someone kick my ball cuz im fucking bz to reduce the pain

  40. Ali Taslimi says

    ***** gary medel…

  41. alazar nigusse says

    Ronaldo lost his mind but messi still calm

  42. David Schlägl says

    his name is corona

  43. septian manda says

    I guess you don't have to insert Ronaldo videos, that doesn't mean anythingsame as black around white, the most prominent is blackif you only focus on the badness of people, you don't see the goodness. I think the people who follow you are stupid

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