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Top Travel Credit Cards –

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  1. Jan Pomerantz says

    I totally love mango sticky rice too!! Wish I could find it for a $$ ???

  2. Everything 80's Podcast says

    Heads up to people that the minimum spends on the credit cards to get all the bonus miles is usually thousands and thousands of dollars for each as mentioned with the $3000 minimum spend on just one card. They are not "free miles" and you probably would save more by booking a round-the-world type ticket.

  3. Natashasuzanne1 says

    Wow, I'm watching these out of order and boy did Nate have an accent 4 years ago. ?❤

  4. Julie Vaillancourt says

    Wow.. This is newbie Julie again.. your ehmm more seasoned new subscriber from Canada. This video grabbed my full attention. Loved it! Makes me want to sign up for such cards and go travel for two months.. except I won't right now because of COVID situation. It's all your fault I'm antsy! Thannnks a lot! 😉

  5. Christine L says

    Flying economy to Japan but using 25k miles doesn’t seem worth it when you can get a one way for around 500 dollars or so during off peak seasons ..Also 4:52 you said it costs 100 per person. But you only had 10,000 miles left.To be honest, the amount of money you are spending in order to meet the minimum to get the rewards are only worth it if you use it for certain places. Sure you are just using your card for everyday expenses, but all these cards have a 1k minimum spending in order to get the rewards. I would say you’re spending a lot to get a small reward back if that’s your strategy.

  6. Mukit Hasan Jim says

    2020 anyone???

  7. Wallace Hendeson says

    Omg my brain is melting out of my ear I’m just gonna sign up for them all and then forward my bills to you Nate you can book all the travel k?

  8. Lisa Jones says

    Been sitting here for hours… YES!!!! HOURS!! Watching your vlogs. Hubby gets home from work and says, “What are you still doing up?!” Of course I said, “Watching Nara and Kate”.So it took me about 10 tries to say your names correctly! ??I think it would be great nicknames for each other! Lol

  9. Francis Siu Chock says

    ???$300 AirBnB for 1 week in Tokyo???

  10. John Halket says


  11. sad cat says

    I still can’t even get the 2% cash back card at my bank… and my credit score is good for being 20 & going to college and working :/

  12. Jackie Lowrey says

    I’m 28 and have already filed bankruptcy from putting too much on credit and not being able to afford it once it gained interest and went OVER the credit limit. Now I only have a credit card with a low limit for emergencies. If something at home breaks and I need to hire a repairman, if a pet needs to go to the veterinarian, or other unexpected expenses. Americans definitely have an issue with credit.

  13. Rory_Emery says

    Am I the only one noticing that Nate's accent changed through the years?

  14. CassieLeigh123 says

    Don’t you have to spend $3,000 for each credit card to get the points?

  15. Ikechukwu Onwuchekwa says

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  16. Victor Murat says

    1:10 She is saying thankyou incorrectly in Thai. She is saying how a male should say it, not a female.

  17. Nick Faulkner says

    CC points are great!

  18. Mohammad Riad says

    Nice plan .

  19. SHADY KHAIRY says

    I didn’t understand anything ???? but i watched the video any way all those points and all those credit cards this is crazy

  20. Viral Videos says

    Anyone else watching in 2020? Nates accent has changed so much

  21. Michi12309 says

    And then you just quit/cancel the cards?

  22. Maamoon khan says

    Yes please upload more

  23. Moonchild Jess says

    I see a lot of people saying stay away from credit cards but they are actually really useful. You just have to be smart enough to know how to use them correctly.

  24. Rakesh Sakom says

    कहा se lata re etne पैसे

  25. Farhad Sabbir says

    Absolutely crazy

  26. Farhad Sabbir says

    Hey what is ur points? U visit 100 countries without money or as u mentioned dat shits of cards sponsored ur tour?

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