How Will COVID-19 Change The Way We Travel?


How Air Travel is changed post COVID-19? This video examines every single air travel element from airfares, at airports to cabin layouts and in-flight service, things may look very different once we start traveling again.

Shall we expect higher or lower airfare? Shall we expect longer than normal process at the airport? What will happen to social distancing onboard an airplane? Will there be the same in-flight food and beverage offering like before? What will the arrival formality like after landing?

This video shares the latest aviation industry developments such as new seating innovation and contactless travel with minimum touch points as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more info on the future of air travel post covid-19, pls visit

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  1. Top Speed says

    Chup beh laude

  2. Top Speed says

    Nothing like this will happen

  3. Suchita Madgaocar says

    Visit air blue

  4. Peradoce1 says

    Thank you for posting this video, SAM. It really helps educate the travellers like me. You have been terrific in all your shows and no regret following your videos!

  5. Fred Wittig says

    I suggest giving everyone about 5 grams of Vitamin C that will boost immunity via capsule or fruit drinks. China has very few deaths with vitamin C IVs since March 2020. This is science based solution… Vit C is a high powerful oxidizer and all pathogens are anaerobic..perfect

  6. Helena Hellen says

    Nice and Great idea in this Video for next flight future

  7. Steven Washington says

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  8. Barry Ram says

    Well I think, when there's a vaccine, you'll have to have a mandatory vaccination card for traveling, and everything else will be back to normal. Until then, I prefer not flying at all. All that sanitizing spraying will kill you.

  9. Albert Dyck says

    I just don’t think all this is necessary we should all trust in GOD!!!!!!!!!

  10. II Parachute Regiment says

    Its game over for people like me, but game on for the rich

  11. NYC Cool Clips says

    Heartwarming rainbow after months of lockdown. NYC Cool Clips YouTube Channel

  12. Hungry For Meatloafs says

    at this rate, imma wait 5-10 more years til everything is back to normal

  13. Ratna Palupi says

    Finish coronavirus , pray to God we good healthy

  14. Joker says

    Whole world has gone insane my god ITS JUST A VIRUS !!! Were acting like we landed in Resident Evil .

  15. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says

    this is so horrible ever happened to the world traveli don't know the travel is available but a lot of the flights have been suspended so badly

  16. bobby49ist says

    I wanted to go to naples italy on 3rd trip now covid 19 has affected travel may not ever go see Italy or Europe again as Europe is banning Americans from flying into their country sadly it will become permanent situation as government is gonna take control of all humans on the planet i saw that face recognition machine thats government system controlled bad news for humans i dont like it at all its evil system i don't trust it

  17. Julio César Hernández says

    Talk about the wasteful use of plastic everywhere

  18. Jamie Beverley says

    Allan Joyce the CEO of QANTAS in Australia said that leaving every second seat was not a viable option financially for QANTAS to operate like that and they won't be doing it, and I agree the whole Covid thing is a total con job, more people died of the influenza virus, last year, the year before that, and the years previously, so why didn't we worry about that then, totally ridiculous.

  19. Jeff Weingrad says

    I wanted to wait to watch this, because I wasn't expecting any changes in the US. The accounts I've heard has been what I expected, not much change in behaviour, and now I read that domestic carriers are going back to full on some carriers. They say they lose money on every flight if it's below 70% or so occupancy. Maybe on international carriers however…

  20. El Jabariya says


  21. Neil Fraser-Smith says

    Mr Anthony needs to get some decent clothes. He looks like he forgot to put his pants on.

  22. Alex Mashkov says

    never going to fly again

  23. Naik Poo says

    Aren't u the Chinese corona virus 19

  24. Juliet Vargas says

    Ticket will be more costly

  25. Denyse Lieber says

    Traveling to be very dangerous during COVID-19 thank you for teaching me all about we are planning to travel but there’s a really good chance we’re not all middle seats will be closed and then I can’t sit next to my mom but I really want to go thank you for teaching me what to do traveling during Covid I also wonder if the cheap prices are going to get higher after Covid or more people in the crowds in security in the airport

  26. Denyse Lieber says


  27. Bernard Chesneau says

    You mean, how covid has already killed airline travel. Air travel will be for the insane who will accept to be humiliated and violated inside and out and right left and centre.

  28. Ray Charron says

    Cattle going to slaughter.once we reach our destiny, open all doors and give each person a parachute and push them out.

  29. Alex Speer says

    Sam, British Airways is providing a hot meal to economy, premium economy and business class passengers too.

  30. Kayo2yub says

    if you are giving mask to passenger it should be inside the plastic do not hold it or unwrap while giving it to them or use gloves

  31. Milagros Lema says

    So many hours confined in an airplane. I wonder how many people will sneeze , cough and virus might spread to the person sitting next. Social distancing won't properly apply. This year flights should be banned ??

  32. Charalambos Georgiadis says

    All the airports in the world do not allow you to travel without a mask in the airport and on the plane so all the people who have asthma they cannot travel anymore and no government or airport has explained this situation

  33. gayle says


  34. gayle says


  35. Madz says

    Damn!!! I really don’t like this but owell. I’m sure all will be back normal by 2023

  36. TevTalks x Tevin says

    The reverse seating will be so awkward for the middle seater

  37. Dragana p says

    well good i have pictures how was in first class before i can share to my children ,how was awesome in past …this is sad and insaine ..

  38. annamaria rossi says

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  39. Kwena Dipuo Seopa says

    I hope your air line liquidates, your all fill of ship, you dont want our money anymore, your clients will come from WHO ,CDC & Sell out President——Go to hell & burn

  40. andrew says

    What's the point in wrapping food? And not using trays becouse people are still touching them and I do not see a difference in that and what's the point in going through the testing once you landed becouse if you are allowed on the aircraft that would mean you're 100% safe so what I'd the point, it's all gone to shit.

  41. 羽田望み says

    I hope this is temporary untill a vaccine is widely extended

  42. Vinícius Oliveira says

    The midia made a really madness

  43. Issy Bella says

    If this is the future of air travel they just lost me, as l will never fly again; l can see it during the pendemic, but after we have a vaccine, if we don't get back to normal airlines will lose huge. Airlines as it is now are horrible, and TSA acting like the Gestapo is bad enough. But there's also alot of fear mongering going on.

  44. Doreen Porter says

    Air travel will be down,after covid19 is the cause of this.

  45. Anita Ali says

    Well I'm planning to travel next year that's going to be fun! ???

  46. God Ness says

    Its about time airfare is cheap!

  47. Joan Smith says

    Not for me not worth the hassle

  48. 456x 789x says

    Pathetic, a covid pass and their vaccine on the way. Nobody with a temperature or flu will be allowed..

  49. Edwin Isoe says

    The reverse middle seat might not be a possibility the last or first row middle seat may be okay but what about the ones in between? you will be directly facing two other people for hours essential exposing the occupant even more than on a normal seating arrangement. also considering the angle at which a plane takes off and climb to cruising height it might be several minutes of a very uncomfortable position facing downwards. and i think its unsafe too. my thoughts on the reverse middle seat.

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