Huey Lewis And The News – Doing It All For My Baby


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  1. Riaz Uddin says

    ???? i love huey lewis and the news.????

  2. Lucio Vero says

    Los vídeos clips dlos 80 fueron una sensación e incluso llegaron a ser mucho mejores que la música en sí misma. Hasta comienzos dlos 90' fueron de excelente calidad en su contenido xo, ya xa luego dl 96' la temática era repetitiva de chicas en pelotas y coreografias sin sentido. Hoy, es un insulto a la pantalla los vídeos clips y los temas y no acepto eso que la música se transforma pues, en todo caso se transformó en un cáncer.

  3. Steve Franco says

    Huey Lewis sure had some great videos to go with his songs!

  4. Gerardo Pinto says


  5. Jairo Gimenez says

    me gusta cuando aparece enzo

  6. Nina Roebke says

    All his life, my Dad was a big fan of this video – it was the first video we laughed together in the 80s when he gave me a bit of his music taste. RIP Dad, I miss you so much ❤️

  7. unleasheth says

    Pretty occultic. What a shame. I suppose that's how it works though. All by deception

  8. Thomas Simmons says

    A lot of men had a huge crush on him in the eighties, not just straight women.

  9. Maria Leavitt says

    Huey Lewis and the News starred in their own videos that were fun to watch, it's a shame how MTV lost its main focus ,losing its viewers … too bad for them

  10. Wholord of the Hydra says

    What… the fuck

  11. John Hill says

    Not enough cringe in the world.

  12. Todd Owens says

    Amazing video from a fantastic band! Huey and the band killed it back in the day as well as today!

  13. justin jones says

    Huey Lewis & The News should be in the Rock & Roll HOF!

  14. Alejandro Matias Lofranco says

    puro video estos putos de mierda, casi a lo ultimo esta el puto clip musical

  15. SeaJay Oceans says

    The very definition of feel good Love Songs of the 1980s: Huey Lewis and the News ! Thank you for remembering !

  16. Belinda Casillas says


  17. Genie Greentrees says

    My Aunt Dorothy lived in Mill Valley. Huey used to go into the bank she worked at. ?

  18. Maverick Cuellar says

    Great mini movie, thanks 80's and Huey Lewis and the news, I really enjoy this music.

  19. swampfizz says

    a nod to all you weed wackers out there..2:32…..heehee..oh..and 3:44

  20. Erivelto Martins Barros Junior says

    OMG I'd forgotten about this video. Huey Lewis & The News were like cartoon characters back in the 80s, every couple weeks there'd be a new, funny video for yet another hit, plus they were so charismatic. Like they're just enjoying everything…

  21. dmitridostoyevski says

    Hey everybody.

  22. kbfults says

    If you want to see one that is similar, look for a group ( band) from Ireland/England called Imelda May!!! Check out the songs,, ""it's Good To Be Alive"",,, ""Psycho"",,, and others… Another one about running or road runner!! From early 2000 to 2014

  23. The Driver says

    First time I watched a music video complete. Best I`ve ever seen.

  24. Douglas Newman says


  25. Edwer Garcia says

    Que buen clasico

  26. David Ramos says


  27. Spencer Peake says

    Love this song

  28. Spencer Peake says

    Love this song

  29. Green Hornet says

    Hey it is Havana Lewis and Her all Transgender Bender Band

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