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(Presented by Hyper Scape) The opening moments of any Battle Royale game are pivotal for victory, so let a developer of the game and pro player TannerSlays give you the tips you need to set yourself up for a win!

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  1. Megan Derouin says

    Oh heyyy, Tanner!!! I know that guy!!!

  2. TheDaKKaK says

    Tanner is the king of tactical play and a comms god, TannerTheLegend.

  3. herbert vargas says

    Great video, and even better to see Tanner here!! Keep it up

  4. Robert DeFoe says

    Tanner is the man! Great video 👍🏻

  5. Jaison J says

    Yooo Tanner!!!

  6. Melly Wolf says

    An awesome vid 🙂

  7. Hugo Macias says

    “Good call” interviewing tanner

  8. Schizm says

    tanner is a legend

  9. KP5ive says

    Tanner is a skilled individual and I think ya'll did an excellent job on this video. Shout out jennog

  10. TannerSlays says

    It was awesome working with everyone to make this happen! Thank you very much for having me. I hope this helps someone get a little better understanding of the game!

  11. kbg12ila says

    Ngl I clicked on this cause of the cutie in the thumbnail.

  12. Amata love s*x- TAP ON MY PHOTO says

    very funny, bro 🐯 🍄

  13. BadMain says

    So back when HyperScape was still in closed beta, I was recording a video for my channel. In my first game I was instantly killed by TannerSlays and than killed by him in my next 2 games as well. So basically I was making a death compilation.

  14. triggerdturtle0 says

    Thank you guys for the opportunity to have my clip in the video!

  15. Anxius says

    Hyperscape 😴, game is dead in a few weeks

  16. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says

    Hey, woah dude that's awesome!

  17. Juwan Robinson says

    Huh!? how do they have pros for this game already?

  18. Josh'sCircle says

    I know im being technical, but he isnt a professional until he wins right? He's just a contestant.

  19. cade h says

    My friends and I are addicted to this game. Been wanting a high mobility, low rng battle royale and this delivers.

  20. Paco Loco says

    Another BR? This game will be dead in a few months.

  21. VolcomKing13 says

    This game 🗑 . Sorry.

  22. ZA WARUDO says

    optimization very bad for this graphic

  23. Sgt_king_pin L says

    Pleaseeee make moreee

  24. Neutral Gaming says


  25. Logan C says

    That’s good news

  26. Sean says

    My tip- play something better

  27. Ree _ DV9 says

    Best strategy …press respective menu button …the most important step is first dont forget this…"Uninstall." Step 2 follow step 1

  28. Thri _ says

    Why do so many developers think 'they can make it better' than popular original games -oh it's so CRINGY AND WEAK

  29. Jeb DiSorbo says

    Everyone on console just runs hexifire

  30. Aitor Ochoa says

    No one plays this game. It hadn't a good begining because of fall guys xd

  31. Jessica Zane says

    It's the best game I've played all month.

  32. The Troll Patrol says


  33. Parallel says

    Check it out ParallelOn Steam

  34. pablo624 says

    Persia is bae 🥰

  35. TheDudeDarius says

    Game is barely a month out. What pros ?

  36. MagswapGaming says

    Wish this game got more attention…it's SO much fun yet people barely give it a shot.

  37. Zavier Letner says


  38. alejandro says

    lmao hi

  39. d a r k says

    🥺Mr beast just commented on my recent videos I’m literally crying 🥺

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