I clutched this impostor game for us!


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  1. Breeanne Stouffer says

    this guy just jumps out of vents and kills huh? no thought necessary?

  2. Alpha Bike Centre says

    Sykkuno laughs like a girl imma be honest

  3. Philip says


  4. Yeros Syle says

    Nice, loved it!

  5. Rinrin Fran says

    I uhh….I never thought Anime MCs was real…I have found my ideal hubby ; n;

  6. Toàn Dương Thanh says

    0:30 we refuse to understand this case :)))

  7. Tvde1 says

    Why does he cover his face when he laughs?

  8. RICHIE CH says

    You are so cute

  9. Niam the racecar sound says

    Baba booey

  10. Brookey says

    That sound edit on Toats's first kill in game 1 cracked me up so much

  11. Rainn Udarbe says

    Sykkuno laughed so hard that he started coughing and I'm afraid he'll be isolated because of that.

  12. Khaffit says

    impostor?isn't it imposter?

  13. Ashley Li says

    Sykkuo’s laugh is so contagious for me omg I literally couldn’t stop smiling when he started laughing😂

  14. Viral-_-Gio says

    Is Sykkuno a voice actor??

  15. Josh says

    Sykkuno wanted to lure them down where he would have lost cuz hafus body was there lmao

  16. Anna Marie says

    The maplestory music just adds to the vibe huh 😂

  17. Gamel Roqi says

    I wonder how's sykkuno like when hes angry

  18. Aphrodite xI says

    is he Korean?

  19. Esai 650 says

    Every time Sykkuno gets killed or voted out I always feel bad 😂

  20. Exstreamise says

    Bro, Among Us really brings out the idiots in society.

  21. Diva main says

    I'm simping for Sykkuno 😀

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