I entered Lachlan’s Fashion Show and WON!


Fortnite Fashion Show – Lachlan’s World Cup Qualifier for $10,000!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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  1. Ali-A says

    This was SO much fun! Shout out to my teammate Sypher – I think we may have to enter a few more Fashion Shows!

  2. Xd Jai says


  3. HP Mcho says

    Hey I’m taking a bath

  4. JaydaPlayz10 says

    can you add me on fortnite because your my favorite fortnite YouTuber

  5. Simpłę says


  6. Mohamed Naish says


  7. Utkarsh says


  8. insane gamer roblox says

    I use code Ali a

  9. FishyPlayz says


  10. iabascal says

    Jdidiskskaolskd reduje

  11. Angel Gutierrez says

    I thought Alia was family friendly

  12. Gacha winnie says

    POV: your looking for Lachlan’s comments

  13. Dylan Lynch says

    Ali do be kinda on some high ping and not complaining ?

  14. Noah's Game Zone says


  15. Dave Stoulig says

    Are we not going to talk about the amount of times he said "fashion show" in his intro within like 25 seconds

  16. Leah Wilson says

    Mak shark mark

  17. Xd WoofyAiden says


  18. Qilzy says

    Could you pls go sub to corrupted jxmes hes my friend amd hes underated

  19. Boss Of gamers says

    Ali a you are Muslim I am Muslim

  20. rj king says


  21. NJ Jordie says


  22. Tilly Griffiths says

    Who is locklin

  23. E Time says


  24. Jibril Banafa says

    Like at the end his intro

  25. Xavi Dude says


  26. Chelsea Brown says

    No one watches you

  27. Aarav Annayyagari says

    you won because sypher helped you so much

  28. Aarav Annayyagari says

    you bot

  29. Charlie Chandulal says

    Play Pokémon go again

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