1. shaya mcdonnell says

    I'm writing this comment before I watch the vid…everyone reply to this comment…IS IT SCARY???

  2. Dipling says

    Play cult of the cryptids on roblox!!

  3. Gangstachu says

    Siren head is 40ft tall

  4. chourouk says

    Everyone gangsta till the trees start playing despacitoLMAO

  5. Trevor Gately says

    play more siren head

  6. 27Figs says

    The siren Head is to big. It is much bigger then 40 feet.

  7. Julian Gonzalez says

    DanTDM: that’s pretty GRIMMe: Memories

  8. Teresa Burns says


  9. chambieintokyo says

    its 5am and I keep imagining that wee woo man will come through my window and eat me.edit : moves to middle of the bed

  10. Xotect says

    You should play rec room it's a vr game that has a bunch of different games inside of it there is a sirenhead game in there too

  11. Linda Magee says

    Im watching at 9:05 pm at night

  12. vanessa bowen says

    I saw these before

  13. Muhd Izuwaeri Ismail says


  14. romanas kančauskas says

    dan that cat monster is cartoon can that white thing at the start is a bridge worm

  15. Clara Panezai says


  16. rachel ffs says

    Dan: Why don't you play some popular tunes?Me: ..dan..I don't think people wanna hear some billie ellish while being chased by a monster..

  17. Darkron's World says

    The you TickTock you saw The Siren is actually his normal Siren

  18. Amanda Byrne says

    I've got Merch

  19. Matthew Clark says

    siren head ?? i saw that on tvo kids rp run ahhhhh

  20. Matthew Clark says


  21. Amber Cullip-cross says

    I will be watching this the second I finish my last year at primary school

  22. worlDefender says

    Dan, You Missed a minecraft mod, Trendersons creatures mod!!

  23. LlamaFan123 says

    I have a ps2 and a ps4 lol i got the ps2 from my grandma and the ps4 from SANTA

  24. cynara says

    Dan is the best

  25. cynara says

    Dan is the best

  26. anthony nguyen says

    Cryptids: Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, Bridge (or tunnel) Worm, Bonewalkers, Country Road Creature, Long Horse (heals you) Moth Man,Omega. (omega is a swat member with a gas mask that will shoot you and it’s easy to kill because it’s trash I couldn’t fit everything so here’s a bonus. “Box Head” deals heavy damage, and is annoying.

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