I Get Put Into Football Manager


Ever since you are a little kid, you dream of being in a video game as an athlete. At least I did. Here is my chance. I have managed to get a Football Manager scout to agree to run me through drills and give me my attributes on the game’s scale. Zealand actually being graded as an FM player. No, like an actual player in FM. You get it.

A huge thank you to Dave and my friend Kyle too for helping me put this video together. It actually required a lot of planning, which you know is painful for me, but I think it’s come together as something that can really help us all laugh at me so that’s good. I gave it my all for the Football Manager gods that’s all I can say. If you think you can get higher FM attributes than me, I’m sure I’ll see you in the comments.

Much Love,
FM Senpai

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  1. AtomShogun says

    So this is the guy responsible for Wolves being op

  2. Alexandru Voiculescu says

    He catches the ball like my best player in my team.

  3. Tania Murphy says

    Loved this Zealand please sim the career though. Want to see how the career would pan out with training etc

  4. Brock Forster says

    Haha awesome Zealand great job man thoroughly entertaining

  5. Animal says

    Wheres the sim zealand?? WHERES THE SIM

  6. EL Pick421 says

    Handling deserves better x

  7. Footy Champ says

    My dad done that with me about 4 months ago and I use my self a lot on football manager

  8. Banana Drama says

    I always thought Zealand was quite small. So how tall is he?

  9. lllancaste says

    You remind me of Airjapes for football manager hahaha

  10. Steve Pickford says

    Always thought fm used proper scouts not just some YouTube kids

  11. Ilija Stajic says

    Sim a career pls

  12. Miles Abbott says

    Fresh trim was overdue

  13. Joe Mullany says

    Live the dream, Zealand.

  14. Martijn de Vries says

    For Football Manager purposes, what is Zealand's age and height?

  15. Chubbychenko says

    every pro keeper should have 20 for everything if this is how FM rates keepers

  16. JoeyKneecap says

    That was way too high. As in extremely generous and totally unrealistic. Besides that – fun video!

  17. Stephen Castine says

    This is the content we love to see, keep up the great work Z 👍🏻

  18. Philip Harrison says


  19. Brett Chapa says

    so this is the guy that gave adama 4 tackling????? tragic

  20. North Of Nashira says

    I would not have guessed that you played keeper. Your positioning on the corners was all wrong, but that may have been due to your friend's poor attempts.How tall are you? You should try to get in shape a bit more and do this in Syracuse with one of the members of the soccer team helping you out. I know, easier said than done.Btw, he said throwing was good because he's British and they can't throw. Playing baseball as kids makes any American look amazing to Brits when they throw.

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