I Got 2 Nukes in 1 Game with 0 Deaths in COD Mobile… (WORLD RECORD RANKED)


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I am previously a multiple game #1 Player on the mobile platform
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#1 COD Mobile Ranked Leaderboards (Longest #1 held in games history)

#1 Fortnite Mobile K/D and Win Percentage Leaderboards for both Solo and Squad even tho I only played Solo Squad. (Also Longest hold of #1 in games history)

#1 Rules Of Survival Solo Player, Rules Of Survivals only MVP, Own personalized ‘Ferg’ Gun skin in game, All billboards in the game with my brand on them for 5 months, personalized own character skin also an RGS Champion with the most kills and highest KDR of whole tournament.

#1 Cyber Hunter Leaderboards Season 1 (Only played the game to get #1 and then switched to COD : Mobile beta).

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  1. iFerg says

    If this doesn't deserve a subscribe, I don't know what does…Still can't believe this happened randomly while I was going for Ninja Defuses for a special video, just wow.Ferginator is back… Love you guys!

  2. Arely J says

    When he said de los muertos?

  3. RandyMan-CODM says

    Love respect ✊

  4. Davi Araujo says

    6:35 Eminem bro?

  5. zr ent says

    I Ninja defuse all day. Dead silence, lightweight, hardwired, silencer by15.Pop smoke on the bomb laptop, goprone, diffuse, profit.

  6. santi moya says

    The messi of cod mobile

  7. abdulrehmansaeeed2 abbas says

    I sent u a request

  8. abdulrehmansaeeed2 abbas says

    Pls Chelleng me my ID is Maanlegend


    Good For you

  10. TheMagificent Mango says

    Have u ever got 76 kills I pub match

  11. Protketh says

    This makes me wanna get real better at the game.

  12. Forum says

    Zero Deaths, Zero Loses – Orange Juice Gaming

  13. Forum says

    Ferg: gets three nukes in one hardpoint gameAlso ferg: gets two nukes in one game without deaths

  14. itx VANI says

    Hey its me Nuke master

  15. Cyrus says

    Insane! Props also to the teammate 42/7, he must’ve helped a little out to prevent some 2,3 guys rush on ferg.

  16. Kaiti Harry says

    No way!?!??♥️?

  17. William Portillo says

    Ferg plz 1v1 me plz I'm going to win I'm the goat watch out

  18. ANITA MOURYA says

    Double nuke…….aah?

  19. BLUEZILLA 15 says

    The og bunny outfit came out in a bundle. Do a video.

  20. golden road says

    So you got lucky and played against random noob team, too bad I wasnt on the opposing team would have definately ruined it for you so you wouldnt even gotten 1 nuke!!! Me and my new red magic 5g would have rekt you!!!

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