I GOT HURT BAD PLAYING BASKETBALL 😢…Reacting To The INJURY Game Footage vs YouTubers


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  1. Matthew Guzzardi says

    Not even subbed lol

  2. Nz KabeL says

    Can you react to Dj Greg St old sneaker collection

  3. Miguel_GotKicks says

    Qias, Bro. PLEASE react to the video where you wear your wave runners for the first time at sneakercon. I just watched it for the hundredth time and it’s a banger video. REACT PLZ 😂

  4. Walter Barnaba says

    No mask on Qias? You don't know where they been or hanging out with? Not safe Qias.

  5. iiAlways Lag says

    Charlie horse ??

  6. BigDaddyVP says

    Pulled hamstring. Just ice and rest. Easy

  7. Daniel says


  8. Jose Mejia says

    Qias trying to be motivational 😄👍🏾

  9. james collier says


  10. Kenny Chao says

    Prayers to my guy! Speedy recovery 🙏

  11. Dominic Martinez says


  12. monicaChrisAhn says

    I pulled my hamstring feeling a pop and it sounds like u did the same

  13. Cufinjo says

    Hope you get back bro

  14. United Vlogs says

    His shot is better than Qias's to be honest

  15. Roman Golub says

    Praying for you brother

  16. Илья Безруков says

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  17. Franky Alvarez says

    U not hurt just out of shape

  18. Franky Alvarez says

    U not a hooper

  19. Rafael Valdivia-Enriquez says

    You a capper dawg

  20. Emma Louise says

    Look like you pulled a Hamstring (4-6 weeks recovery)

  21. Pietro Pazzetti says

    Bro stop crying.

  22. Clipz and Stuff says

    Hey man just think of the good that can come out of this. Now you can pump out some great content! Keep it up man 🙏

  23. Big Siv says

    Speedy recovery man!

  24. CallMeAnti2k says

    bro get ur over dramatic ass off the floor my guy, put the twinkies down and stretch before u play

  25. ChrisMaiTheAsianGuy says

    Proud of slim qias fam ❤️

  26. Zaid Makda says

    Qias vlog when you play basketball and do anything in your life because I like the old blogs where it was raw and your daily life. The people got to know you more and we like those vlogs mixed with sneakers

  27. Zaid Makda says

    The Qrew kicking out another banger

  28. Hey says

    How's THAT UGLY?! Go watch the 3pt contest bruh

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