I got the STRONGEST SWORD and TOOK OVER THE GAME..sorry noobs (Roblox)


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  1. Kirsten Latson says

    I needYour videos

  2. Dražen Ban says

    IBAN HR1223400093230549317 (SWIHFT) PBZGHR2X Dražen Ban. thank you very much donations

  3. Denmark baltazar says

    ROBUX GIVE PLSS Name: XxTHyperxX

  4. kimlong ly says

    King ? is you

  5. 少G-POLLeRbop。_ 。 says

    qd is quadrillion qn quintillion sx sextillion sp septillion oc octillion nc noctillion ur welcome

  6. kevin steele says

    I love the intro

  7. Patrick de Boer says

    i hae a big sword and i mean big its bugger than me but u cant get it anymore i think 🙂

  8. Patrick de Boer says

    kev i have the last sword

  9. jossen petithomme says

    I like ur intro

  10. Creeper Warrior507 says

    dude you are saying sword wrong

  11. 美竹蘭レジェンド龍生 says

    LOVE YOU kev

  12. Grace Isaac says

    Not that far kevin

  13. Grace Isaac says

    You love when he says let's get it

  14. Grace Isaac says

    Your serious face is soon funny

  15. Grace Isaac says

    Kevin will beat every body

  16. Manuel Gutierrez says

    Go subscribe to project zorgo

  17. Harmony Hall says

    Boi I have 1200000,000000,000000 strength in saber simulator and who you calling noobs

  18. Jessica Castro says

    By the way russo is the simulator king not to be mean

  19. Jessica Castro says

    U mean how HE SAIS LES GIT IT

  20. mayra Gonzalez says

    Me to add me and give me robux

  21. 50 subscriber challenge For my birthday says

    Pls add me I have no YouTube friends

  22. Jack Mitchell says

    This is a bad version of ninja legends

  23. Jamequia Thompson says

    ADD ME

  24. gaming withkev says

    Hi bro you have done it

  25. timmy playz says


  26. Lensey Patterson says

    play sims 4

  27. Limey Boi says

    Its now ninja legends :/ ?

  28. Tammy and Rick Robbins says

    I love watching your vids you make my day

  29. Theking God says

    When he see something he gets happy lol so funny

  30. Gaming With don 2.0 says

    I love gaming with kev if you do subscribe

  31. tribhuvan dharmana says

    but still i am a fan

  32. tribhuvan dharmana says

    dude kev you dont have number one sword because that sword you said you needed to unlock the annother island was wrong you need ed 77qn and you had like 1 qn or something

  33. Agatha Scrivens says

    You always say let's get it

  34. Jessie Esparza says

    You dident have enough money to get the captain sword

  35. shadow storm says

    What is the name of this game

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