I have come here to win titles! | Timo Werner | First press conference since joining Chelsea


1:00 Settling into life in London
2:45 Frank Lampard called and texted a lot!
3:30 The Premier League suits my style
5:20 I have come here to win titles!
6:40 The Prem is the world’s best league
10:30 It’s funny to speak to another German in English!
12:30 Challenge against Liverpool and Van Dijk on Sunday
15:00 I turned down other clubs for Chelsea

Timo Werner reveals why he chose Chelsea, what he wants to do, and why Frank Lampard is so important to him.
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  1. HaytersTV says

    Watch our latest interview with Chelsea's other big signing from Germany, Kai Havertz, here: https://youtu.be/TaDxfqjB08k

  2. Bryan of Cragganmore says

    Regarding his adjustment period to the EPL switch, if he had just average service last game vs Brighton, he'd have scored 2. I'm referring to Loftus-Cheek and Barkley failing to just push the ball ahead for him to run on to. Easy passes, blown. He also produced the penalty that Jorginho scored. He could have taken the penalty successfully I have no doubt. He took them in Bundesliga with Leipzig.Lampard sort of made a meal of the lineup using Cheek and Mount. Both were poor. Also putting Kai at the right while having all the play building up down the left was another head scratcher. Hopefully they sort it out for Sunday but with Kepa in goals….well, you all know.

  3. Jakir Mohammed says

    Can speak better English than Harry Kane

  4. B D says

    Got great English

  5. Johanan Hynniewta says

    Chelsea vs Man U be like:Rashford: “Werner, sunny innit”Werner:“Who are you, so wise in the ways of science”

  6. MD. Mithil Amin Pramanik says

    He will be another flop signing from Chelsea just like Torres and Morata.

  7. Boab Coyle says

    To win titles… at chelsea? Hahahahaha wee guy.

  8. Abishek says

    I can't think of a better channel for press conferences

  9. Jacky Sparow says

    Bring it liverpool we are waiting for you on sunday 💙💙💙

  10. Jacky Sparow says

    Bring it liverpool we are waiting for you on sunday 💙💙💙

  11. Greekgold says

    Good don't have to wait long for your first second and third goal real Assassin

  12. hamei RABON says

    All the best Chelsea my favourite team love you timo Warner 11

  13. ELITE 1 says

    After DROGBA hopefully the #11 found it's rightful pwner

  14. Mey Zaidi says

    5:26 . 'i came here to win the titles' . i know he can , we know he can . With his quality , Chelsea will lift so much trophy hopefully

  15. Panthera Leopon says

    I can't wait to see our attack once fully fit…. Chelsea is definitely going to be fun to watch

  16. Insta Vids says

    This guy mentality is crazy

  17. crazy bear says

    Trust in super frank, SUPER SUPER FRANK…

  18. crazy bear says

    Love you Werner, thank you, bring us many beautiful goals 🙂

  19. Thomas Walmsley says

    Timo Werner englisch is better then me, it’s 100 perfect

  20. Dennis Kyeremeh says

    The guy is very intelligent He sounds happy..more like a kid who has just made some cool friends in a new place

  21. Sa'ood Williams says

    I'm loving this guy already, he has the mentality of a champion and that alone will help the players around him, I have to say I'm really excited to be a Chelsea fan right now.

  22. Viktor Szabad says

    Timo is a great finisher, but more importantly he is intelligent and understands the game very well. Just like he was saying when defenders drop deep (which happens a lot in the PL), he is able to find spaces somewhere else. If you have watched him before you see that he is really flexible, coming back to pick the ball up, stay wider to make runs, rather than hanging off the defenders shoulders and wait for a chance. He likes to create that for himself if he sees an oppurtinity for it which also makes the team more dynamic as well. Great signing, he will be very successful here.

  23. Samir Mohammed says

    What a lovely guy and his English is great the same as must of the Germans in general

  24. APP APP says

    With this kind of mind set and attitude. Will be hard to fail

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