I have COVID-19 so I RAIDED the BIGGEST CHINESE BASE on my server…


In this raid I hit a big Chinese clan base but in real life I got COVID-19…

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Rust Academy US 5X SERVER:
(connect 5xnobps.rustacademy.us:28015)

Rust Academy EU 5X SERVER:
(connect 5xnobps.rustacademy.eu:28015)

Rust Academy EU 10X SERVER:
(connect 10xnobps.rustacademy.eu:28015)

Rust Academy US 10X SERVER:

Kits and Server Information available on my website:

This video was edited using FINAL CUT PRO

Music instrumentals produced by Chuki

1st Song: QUIT
3rd Song: 500K
4th Song: CONQUER
5th Song: GOGGLES

End Screen and Logo Created by: qusbarg@gmail.com

#CHINESE #covid #coronavirus

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  1. The legdon 27 rock says


  2. juleskwon says

    Kinda racist not gonna lie

  3. Kenneth Espinosa says

    Dude I got Covid as well, same symptoms! Still trying to get my taste and smell back.

  4. Vinyl says

    I'm not even going to mention the sulfur ore missed.

  5. Rrreee Eee says

    He even was too lazy to fill the boxes to make it look legit

  6. Rrreee Eee says

    Didn’t know you were chinese

  7. TrulyBars says

    I like how he targeted the Chinese base because he had the virus ?


    Jesus his corona is just as legit as his raids

  9. Golf3002 says

    You always take the right path?????

  10. davidw 793 says

    How old are u?

  11. I’m Dizzy says

    He prob spawned all the c4 into raid

  12. Potato Man says

    This is just targeted racism

  13. Dragon Knight says

    This is kinda rasist

  14. allen wong says

    the Chinese guy name is 顏射 meaning shot to the face (not bullet)

  15. Alex Figueroa says

    China gave you corona virus and you got revenge by raiding their base. Balanced as all things should be.

  16. Roofer Doug says

    Longer then a week to heal kid lies trying to get pitty cause he was busted faking videos

  17. Forrg says

    No one gonna notice this is Low-key racist?

  18. keepgolf gaming says

    Bruh nice rascim

  19. Senpai Mads says

    Bro, Bless You

  20. Severino de Barros Silva says


  21. Morg4nevs says

    bit racist

  22. CS Garage says

    You dropped 39 c4?

  23. Gronx says

    racist lol

  24. AstronautBirdy says

    that's actually a bit rude ngl

  25. RedHatBanditt says

    funniest title ive ever seen

  26. kRystal159 says

    Is this just a troll channel at this point

  27. Doctor says

    yeah sure bud

  28. K H says

    Lmao you’re already not respected in the rust community, hopefully this video is the one that gets you cancelled

  29. Noah Barron says

    Noo y do u have corona

  30. cam is da fam says

    huh no heavy breathing

  31. cheif beef11 says

    so guys ive been sick but not sicker than this base im bout to raid

  32. Ando says

    Isn’t the titel kinda rasist?

  33. Patrick Trischler says

    anyone think why hes raiding a Chinese base IN COVID 19

  34. Kiyan Lee says

    Feel better you are my idle

  35. Seige player r6 only says

    why does this have 2.4k likes?

  36. Mental Toxic says

    You dont have covid 19 you only got drunk of corona beer were smart

  37. tragic fox77 says

    3:18 counterd hardcore even though the counter doesn't even come in most likely it's his friend just shooting bullets up in the sky

  38. Dark ・ Lethal Gaming says

    Rust, you prob won't see this, but You are RACIST, You said you had covid, so you raided a chinese base,1st: You raid your own bases,2nd: Raiding chinese just because you got covid, is unfair,3rd: even if this is legit, and you really raid other player bases, The Chinese do not deserve this, Corona originated from china, not created by china, Being asian, this hurts, even though i'm not from china, so you are really not good, even if you had covid, i would be happy if you left earth and your body

  39. Mintiesss says

    This dude uses COVID as clickbait. He didn’t even cough once and never sounded drowsy

  40. Emmanuel Celio says

    Just plz dont die ;(

  41. Stijn Wijgers says

    Heel veel beterschap uit Nederland (Nederlands)

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