I haven’t been myself lately… My Health + Life Update


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Sharing where I’ve been the last few weeks and how I am getting my mental and physical health back to their best!

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  1. with a kiwi on top says

    Helloo Natacha, I've missed you! I don't know if that helps, but just know that you yourself got your back. I know that Youtube and social media in general tends to give you that mindset that you constantly have to put out something new to stay "relevant". But honestly, you've put out so much content on Instagram and YouTube and through your programs in the past, that you just can't possibly get bored as a viewer – and that's only counting the content to watch on your channel, let alone everything else there is on the Internet 😀 You worked so hard to give us all of these amazing videos and guides and everything – this will always hold your back and be there for us when you need the time to step back.I know this so well from myself and actually had to tear up with you, and I know it's so hard to go slow when there's so much more you want to do and achieve. Something that has helped me with this: You will be doing it. Not as fast as you'd like sometimes and not all at once. But everything will still be there later and wait for you. As you taught us so many times before – we're in it for the long run. That doesn't only apply to fitness 🙂 There's no need to run so fast you fall every few steps. Better go slow and steady and enjoy the view :)Take care, wish you all the best and know that you've got your back,Love from Germany,Jessica

  2. Sophie Playle says

    "Hold my leotard … cos I'm going back to that adults-only hotel"

  3. elins 5 says

    Why are you literally glowing

  4. Amy Valdez says

    As always, I Love love love your videos. You guys are the best!

  5. Avath says

    I feel you. I’ve been off work for three months because of burnout. I really admire you for noticing the signs and respecting them and taking a step back before complete collapse. That is not an easy thing to do!

  6. Suzie Raelynn says

    Did you name the cactus???

  7. BoogeyGirl007 says

    I love you Girrrrl, you are so honest! You made me so emotional ;( You are funny, you are creating so good content, not only fitness, but cooking and also lifestyle. You are a real person and this just showed me, that it's normal to have good and bad days. It's not always covered in glitter, and IT'S OK 🙂 Hugs and kisses from Poland! I am looking forward for your next vids. Klaudia 🙂

  8. Melissa Crewes-Hartland says

    Cacti ?❤️????

  9. Ellie McIntosh says

    Get better soon, so glad you're back!!!!

  10. Zacharias Kontogiannis says

    Haha Natacha your Greek are top notch ?

  11. Unexpexted_ says

    Babe !! I know and I understand you create this channel with certain purpose- which is obviously science for health, food and fitness BUT ! We (and I mean ALL THOSE PEOPLE) are here for YOU. Like.. we come here not only for great trainings and food inspo but to see and hear you and Mario. How you create these things how you put your heart into creating this channel, how you guys go thru life just.. life. And it’s 100% okay that life sometimes is not how we want it to be – your health is priority here so don’t feel guilty or sad bc you cannot create certain content for us. We’re completely fine to see you guys have moments like in this vid. Take care babe and I’m so happy that someone’s like Mario is around to keep you feeling better. Sends love ! ❤️❤️??

  12. Melissa Crewes-Hartland says

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling low Natacha, I am coming back after having appendectomy and feeling really frustrated so it’s good to feel I’m not alone! Hope the back issue heals soon xx

  13. Megan Otto says

    If your back is hurt you can make other kinds of videos and we’ll still love it ❤️ do what’s best for you

  14. Joss says

    Good to have you back! what gym to you guys go to?

  15. Witney. says

    Natacha, you and Mario are in my conversations with my universe… i just wish you peace of mind and the strength to deal with anything you need to deal with and genuinely live in the moment and understand that everything happens for a reason… your energy is so warm and kind and you guys are so fucking funny like there's nothing but love for you outchea in these streets!! I hope you both feel better and heal fully ???????

  16. suki says

    welcome back! missed you

  17. Liz Tyzack says

    First time I ever hit the box splits I was like 10/11yrs old and about w inches off the floor, and then my mate snuck up behind me and pushed me down in to the splits ? would not recommend this technique… but it worked ??

  18. Gabby Scialo says

    you are just the sweetest soul Natacha. of course i can’t know that for sure but based on everything you show us- and it does feel so genuine- you are just a wonderful person. it’s not easy to not be able to do the things you’re so passionate about in the specific way you’d like to do them. but i believe you will find other ways to make yourself proud of what you’re putting out there but please know that so many people support you for YOU. and the amazing content you put out is a bonus. sending so much love to you and thanking Mario from afar for all love and support he so gladly gives.

  19. JustSarah Cho says

    Ohhh dont cry babe. We love you. You ARE the best. ? Take care of your mind and your body ?

  20. Sally Boebally says

    Love your videos. Sorry to hear about your back x

  21. Luxmundee says

    When mario asked "who's the best" and you pointed to us with that child-like innocent face I was like AWWW ?

  22. B V says

    Aw, this is a wonderful opportunity to do more scientific translation videos

  23. Melissa Albani says

    oh do not worry gal, we love you for who you are for the feeling you manage to portray. I have been waiting for loooooong for a vid from you, not for fitness content, but for seeing your smile . love Ya

  24. Sasha says

    Wow your eyes looks amazing now! So natural 🙂

  25. Sav H says

    Aahhh Natacha, I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling your best self, however thank you for being open and honest about it. Sharing is caring <3 I really hope you feel better soon. I will be here cheering you on as you have brought so much value to my life, emotionally, mentally, physically.

  26. Ashlyn Hayes says

    You might be the best human on the planet. Keep doing you, your followers all love and respect you so much we’d still watch and subscribe if you were just painting rocks or watching tv on camera ?

  27. Veronika Praskačová says

    Natacha, please don't ever feel sad about taking time off! You deserve it more than anyone I know. All I want for you is to be happy and healthy (both physically and mentally). It doesn't matter long it will take you to create a video or other type of content, because they are all amazing and worth waiting for! I love you. You are my biggest inspiration. ?

  28. monika Cabraja says

    Thanks for sharing this! Give your self forgiveness, time and rest and it will all fall into place ♥️ @natacha

  29. IM Changkyun the little shit says

    I always wondered if Mario was Greek ( cause I'm Greek) it's so interesting listening to you speak Greek :")

  30. Clara Toll says

    How Mario supported you ???

  31. marie son says

    I respect you guys so much ! You bring joy, positivity and basically YOU ARE THE BEST ?? I hope your back is gonna be ok… even if it takes time don’t worry we’ll wait for you 😉 and Mario I hope your knee is also gonna get better ? love you two ?

  32. tilda ernstson says

    Feeling bad for both you and Mario not being able to do what you love and feeling yourselves at the time but just so you know we are all happy to just see you two again! Nothing makes me happier seeing a notification about an update of yours! You’re legit always funny and I enjoin every single video you make. Use this time to relax and ease back into it and in the meantime we’ll still be here ?

  33. IM Changkyun the little shit says

    I hope everything goes well but i feel you on this cause i had many injuries because of my sport (Muay Thai) so i have a knee problem which is better than it used to be but i also have a shoulder and shoulder blade pain on my right hand but I'm trying to fix it with exercises that are specific for those.

  34. MsDearDora says

    Your videos literally make my day!!! Was feeling so Natacha deprived. I love that you are so real in all your videos. I completely understand what it’s like to feel stuck in your body when you’re suffering from an injury. Would love to see how you take care of your body whilst recovering. Take care❤️❤️ we love you!

  35. Jasmin says

    Awwww that is such a healthy supportive relationship.

  36. ss56830 says

    Absolutely love ALL your videos! Possibly even like your normal day vlogs than your fitness content! So nice to see someone who is down to earth, honest, funny and relatable on here.

  37. Nath Nal says

    I love the natural lashes much more, love this vid, and love u guys <3 and congrats on your plaque; u deserve it so much

  38. mtsang says

    Rest up and take care of yourself. I honestly loveee your day of your life/ non fittness videos !! Also you look amazing with no eyelash extensions (and this is coming from someone who has extensions on lol)

  39. Masha Bortňak says

    Hey Natacha, you are the most inspirational figure on this platform ❤️ and I wanted to ask where did you get all you jewelry from? ?? I love it it looks so cool, I love any kind of accessories, especially this kind of vibe

  40. Ilona Pankevich says

    Baklava is Turkish as well as yoghurt.

  41. bekkifee says

    i literally started crying when you teared up!…you are such a nice and heartwarming person, in fact both of you are!…love to watch your video!…hope your getting better soon???❤️

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