nah that pass is too stupid to catch.

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  1. Karen Croft says

    8:27 felt like ASMR I don’t know why. Anyone else satisfied by that? ??‍♂️

  2. Karter Vlogs says

    I saw you in a game omg

  3. Kstro45 says

    When he said what is snake eye ?‍♂️ but I don't blame you

  4. Sage Slays says

    Wrong xd 143k

  5. Alex Lora says

    dimer trash

  6. Alex Harrington says

    I use star code dimer

  7. Pablo Solis says


  8. Kids Yang says


  9. Harambes Pinky toe says

    Can you do more dummies vs dimer

  10. Music 1o1 says

    I wake up ,knowing u posted NOW LOOK??if u stop posting bro u messing up my routine ✅❤️?keep up the videos dime HUGE FAN

  11. Devon Roldan says

    Dimer is my favorite ff player

  12. Ojim Odanollim says

    I want more vids ur playing fleeAnd how to waddle?In flee

  13. xX Jaytoven Xx says

    Dimer not catchin passes??? Dis is new

  14. MasonPlayz says

    No its soft table!

  15. Aidan Jarvis says

    I’m a mobile player and I’m goated as dimer nvm dimer is the goat

  16. UnDeadAssassin72 says

    aye dimer we in chat we talking to The offbrand Mickey mouse

  17. Flee says

    ha you're bad

  18. Lil Bit Gaming says

    Imagine this tool peeling back your neck so your jaw can be cut out I almost died to this add when I was trying to eat my cheeseburger

  19. Adrian Alvarez says

    I play on mobile

  20. Blip says

    This man soft always argue with dimer lol

  21. Noel Cecil says

    The only thing dimer dose is only QB and fp to soft he thinks he's so good like there's other people in the world that are better

  22. Noel Cecil says

    I wanna see someone moss the diner fr

  23. FLAMINGO FAN says

    You do know legendary football is fixed….

  24. Sherman Neely III says

    I think I’m your friend (tjsoaw) is my user

  25. Victoria Navarro says

    You reached 143k Congrats!

  26. LondonGamez says

    And try to moss or qb

  27. LondonGamez says

    U pass to everybody

  28. LondonGamez says

    U catch the ball u get to be qb

  29. BlitzBrad says

    I’m not an English teacher, but I think it’s supposed to be spun an span.

  30. Irving Bernal says

    He said you got dogged by someone with a 2d chainnnn i was dyinggg

  31. xC_Dx5 says

    Every day I am so excited to watch your vids it puts a smile on my face btw u should add this guy jyde23 hes a level 3 or 5 and so good at flee the facility hes like the best beast I've ever seen c: hope ur reading this

  32. SB Waldon says

    look at his likes woah rn 666

  33. Javinest says

    8:29 kid said i sub all your vids.

  34. vidiva And Jahmari Forbes says

    Soft said you suck says says the person that only gets famous through somebody else’s channel like if it was a burn man’s sucking off your channel lol no hate gs dimer

  35. Intelerit says

    yeah soft what is wrong with mobile players

  36. intens3 _ r1bros says

    this why i hate ff bcause people are like ‘aww ur trash, ur doo doo, ur baddddd’ when somebody sells but then if dimer sells then they are all like ‘LOLOL, Rip, oof dimer sold rip’ and its annoying

  37. Inherits says

    Ay you should play football champions It’s a wip game so their are bugs and stuff but it’s pretty good try it out

  38. tombrady_proqb roblox name says

    I subscribed!

  39. RISE UP GAMES says

    Dimer is still “godly”

  40. Subbing to whoever subs to me says

    "D?nt lie who's been a TRUE fan ?️f(DimerDillon)??? (???? ?? ???? ???)

  41. victor the gucci says

    Softable or I should say softtable U DO NOT DISRESPECT MOBILE PLAYERs

  42. Ariisbane says

    Bruh softable be roasting mobile players even though I’m on mobile and I’m better than him at mixes and wr

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