I Lived the "Perfect" Healthy Life for a Week


My fat loss training and nutrition guides (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert) + MOVE (how I train):


Hey my friends, this week I tried following the most common health recommendations at once! There were many more but the video (and my life ?) was overwhelming with all of them so I included just the major health guidelines here (: There are definitely some things I didn’t know and some things I’ll keep doing from now on! Hope you enjoy, all my love xxx

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  1. Natacha Océane says

    Hey beautiful people, my life was very overwhelming for the last 7 days! ? I actually followed a few more guidelines than I showed here, including ones for eye health and skincare, but the video felt a little overwhelming with everything in so I included only the major ones (: all my love & hope you enjoy! Xxx

  2. Hortense Marshall says

    shrtlink.ca/1ovessxxxasian723 හොඳයිසමහර විට සැබෑ නැව් සුන්බුන් නොවිය හැකියමම කීවෙමිසොබෙලියා පවසා ඇත්තේ එකල නැව් සුන්බුන් නොමැති බවයි නමුත් නැව් සුන්බුන් වැනි දෙයක්

  3. George Toma says

    All what you did , dose not have any substance . Is only a joke or a game . If you really want to prove something you have to try at least few months or few years . All what you did is only to show people one way of possible good life style to try .

  4. GetRekt2016 says

    Simp noises

  5. Rose Again says

    Lolllll at the coffee comment. Just piping in as an Aussie who used to live in England. Look, the coffee in England is so bad that went I got back to Aus I would get a coffee every single time I was near a coffee shop.

  6. Katherine Goodman says

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  7. maya sumayyah says

    where u get the Peta? I think should get one

  8. Áine Órga says

    You didn't mention Ireland but scratched it out, I feel left out! ?

  9. melanie heath says

    I'm so glad you said that you don't ever get thirsty. Me neither. Also my other half is the same, drinks like a fish, I just don't get it. Lol….

  10. Holly Johnson says

    Use vibrator one to two times a week to be healthy. Got it

  11. Purpleandblue518 says

    What app did you show on day one that showed sugar consumption,protein etc

  12. Giuli says

    First step, be rich basically

  13. asuban says

    Girl, you kick ass. Your one leg squats with weights… damn!

  14. TheEatMeDrinkMe69 says

    I stand for my whole workday! HAH!

  15. Jacoline Hayes says

    I'm from South Africa!!!! ?

  16. angel x. says

    as an australian, yes i can confirm we make exquisite coffee

  17. desiree marquez says

    So sad about the OA ?

  18. Eleanor P says

    See the issue with this is that your breakfast was healthy but because of the calories it wouldnt be considered perfectly healthy but it is as long as you have a balanced diet

  19. Marusa Lubej says

    Oh, you were in Slovenia! <3 It's just such a small country, I'm always so happy when I hear someone visited us. It's small but beautiful and full of nice people! 😉

  20. Sunny Wild says

    where can i get that map from omg

  21. Zoe Steyn says

    Come to South Africa!!! Our tourism is pretty great and our exchange rate is crappy against the Euro so it should be quite affordable

  22. Healthy Body And Beautiful Lifestyle says

    Good suggestion about this video very nice.

  23. Sarah Heart says

    Hot showers will melt off your eyelash extensions! And so will saunas and hot tubs!

  24. Paddywiggle says

    I didn’t hear a single word you said

  25. Nej Nej says

    How did you ”learn” what excercises to do at the gym?

  26. Júlia Stocco says

    09:06 There's something really wrong with this map proportion.

  27. Fresh Creepypasta Narrator says

    I’m so jealous of all the places you’ve been

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