I Made Man City BANKRUPT In Football Manager 2019 and this happened…


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  1. YuXal says


  2. Sami Scruggz says

    Man City is just too OP lmao

  3. Thotmas says

    Financial fair play anyone?

  4. TuTru says

    You can really tell who should stick to Ultimate Team

  5. Anthony Nolan says

    Well in real life City have gained A LOT of new sponsors, particularly from the Far East and that has bankrolled the club. Contrary to popular opinion the Sheikh has not been able to pump money into the club for a number of years now due to FFP. So City have been generating their own money through the same methods that United, Liverpool, Arsenal and so do – IE – Sponsorship. This is also why City could not go out and buy say, Mbappe and Messi. They simply can't afford them.

  6. Rickus316 says

    Getting money from sales,sponsorship, prem etc

  7. LouisG says

    Should have made their reputation bad so no one joined

  8. roshwynder singh says

    the sponsorships, make them 0 as well, if u you can.

  9. Fission says

    I've seen a similar vid and it looks like the top clubs get some insane loans to seemingly carry on as normal, you should have become manager at the end and reviewed the club's finance page to find out wth happened!!

  10. Rob Dunhill says

    You can’t edit sponsorships that unless you pay for fmrte 19

  11. Rob Dunhill says

    You forget sponsoring

  12. Rob Dunhill says

    That happened in real life to Leeds and they lost it all

  13. Fifa King says

    They would still win the league and bottle UEFA Champions League

  14. Mucknuggle says

    even though i´m a bit late, the issue is that in FM series debts will be indefinatly rescheduled into bank loans, i have had a similar aproach to bankrupt Paris SG by taking over buying crap players for max fees + max additional fees upon certain saison goals(which can be used to bypass the tranferbudget), making them pay in one season (where they won the tripple) over 10b € in transfer fees, when i took over the next saison they had rescheduled these debts into ~20 bank loans of ~500mil€, balencing their "debts" while getting over 300mil via sponsor and TV revenues being able to spend over 200mils on their own on transfers…

  15. HENK says

    There are fixed sponsorcontracts and they get a lot of money out of merch and tv contract

  16. Dan Yeo says

    You believe the Super Cup is the Champions League….?

  17. Kyce Ashton says

    Can you do a millwall series?

  18. Andrei Jedidiah says

    Oil money never dries lol…

  19. Michael Jordan says

    Probably got a point deduction when they failed FFP.Also, a club like Man City will have all sorts of revenue streams, not hard for them to sort themselves out.

  20. Reece Daniels says

    Broken game.

  21. jeone frost says

    You just look like a jealous idiot, we're not a money club

  22. George Sunderland says

    Make top 6 teams bankrupt

  23. Grandwicky says

    Next time put all their players contracts on the maximum money the game allows and make it so their wages double every year. That'll solve your problem 😉

  24. Addison Chan says

    It's called Sheikh Mansor Bin Ziyed El Niyan

  25. Monkey says

    You must change the owner

  26. Luke Robertson says

    You need to remove sponsors, reputation etc in the actual editor

  27. Mark Dinnen says

    Need to go into the editor and look at sponsors

  28. Simples says

    You never made them bankrupt though, you just removed their money? What you should have done was add a 1 Billion debt or something, and see how they'd recover from that

  29. Toby’s Videos says

    Next time make man city semi-pro and make their money negative

  30. Toby’s Videos says

    Just got into this game and I’m thinking.. hmmm Zerkaa is the type of guy to make them bankrupt but keep their sugar daddy but to my surprise, i was weong

  31. Devon Johnson says

    When in the transfer history screen please sort it to highest fee

  32. Error 305 says

    Show some of the players

  33. Battery Swag says

    how do you sim so quick?

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