1. anaev says

    when he played the guitar, i knew a wilbur soot joke would soon follow. i just knew.

  2. John Houston says

    drags jeff to Erase MiiHe erased himself

  3. doopy flooper says

    Eating breakfast before work

  4. Sliminem23 says

    Moments captured seconds before disaster: “alright sebastian”

  5. Tails The egg says

    The violin tutorial is legit asmr

  6. SuSBoy says


  7. Penelopethethe says

    When Schlatt said, "Alright Sebastian" you knew it was all over

  8. Cheems「ちまス」 says

    5:50“I’ll give it my all Sebastian, here I go!”* ????? ?? ??? ?????? *

  9. Donut says

    6:22 out of context

  10. getredddy says

    Juhg,Koop. The love of my life. I love him.

  11. Sungrin Han says

    3:30 dw this made me laugh ?✊ everyone is scared of ARMY

  12. Елена Горина says

    4:38 please kill me

  13. Nimirceag Dragos says

    "Sure thing Sebastian toot, here i go"GMOD RAGDOLL SOUNDS INTENSIFY

  14. I watch YouTube says


  15. Carlos Cordero says


  16. Lunar says

    his piano sounded like a fucking xxxtentacion song

  17. I_am Awesome says

    I am a simple person. I see funny mic, I click.

  18. Nils B. says

    Is he smashing is Desk ?

  19. Mason Carver says

    3:24 a legend is born

  20. Mert says

    All right Sebastian, here i go

  21. 1999 suzuki grand vitara says

    This didn't age to well.

  22. crying cat Productions says

    I swear Jschlatt is a Scp

  23. crying cat Productions says

    Jschlatt: calls his mii Jung.koupMe: "you have alerted the horde"

  24. max corkle says

    10:00 ?

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