1. Yt spooky Tanner says

    Best shooter

  2. qaurding says

    I would always do Rudy gay with kemba and I was 50 and Rudy gay with anything else is broke so I jus tried Rudy gay rudy gay and it worked on my lock so

  3. Symaji Rainey says

    How you didn’t miss but I saw you miss?

  4. Dizmo_ ACE says

    Lol too is to good for a zen

  5. NoLabels says

    i was jus rewatching 20 comp stage videos and man the dribble system is so ass this year 😭😭 like compared to 19 and 20 this year dribbling is so weird 👎🏽👎🏽

  6. BH Kam says

    I’m in yo park

  7. Tech IQ says

    If u uploaded you'd have more subs

  8. z Davis C says

    lol i played a kid with a modded controller in gods and beat them

  9. IScreen U-_ says

    Every streamer uses zen prove me wrong

  10. COLETHEBOWL says

    Yo. I made it!

  11. Troydan Fan says

    Tio let me get that jumpshot please

  12. Lisa Gordon says

    Is it me or he sounds like clix

  13. RufflesK says

    thiught he was grounded guess he also caps

  14. CallEmTurtles says

    I’m prayin for you my boy,hope everything goes well for you

  15. caleb2k says

    great vid i just dropped a sub. i just dropped a banger vid it would be great if u dropped a sub and left a like. keep grinding!!!

  16. Nasss.capalott Gentry says

    Tio Ik u got jumpshot videos for 2k21 but what junpshot u use

  17. Marcus Dior says

    This confidence never faded😭 best shooter, top guard material💯

  18. TONIO DADEMON says

    Lost to cheesa did u miss playing against him 🥴

  19. Prize says

    Tatto tourial

  20. Kloudey says

    I came 10th in godz im on Xbox tho we securing next godz tho

  21. iso JJo says

    Need a jumper check me out mine wet

  22. MookTooUnderrated says

    I let Siri pick my jumpshot on my last video it was hilarious come check it out 😈

  23. Brendan Myers says

    dam yur dog this year in stage u boxed up cannot lie

  24. Twavy says

    Tio been grounded

  25. NoCap Jack says

    WHATS UP tio?….@nd yes you can play with me anytime my guy!!!!…. and i wud like to talk to you bout some IRL things as welll

  26. HeartlxstYT says

    Why does everybody keeps saying this game is over in one month

  27. Issa LF says

    noti gang yo tio you changed your jumper.

  28. Izzyyy_ says

    What is his jumpshot

  29. Yerelin Marte says

    Make a vid on how to quickly stop

  30. 2HYPEFAN1234 !!! says

    Is the release still good for righty

  31. Kobe_loco 1# says

    We need to know how to quick stop like you

  32. Ant tonio says

    Bro can u help me win basketball godz

  33. Go Krazy Javi says

    Jumper 👀👀👀

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