I ranked every High School Musical Song on a Tier List


We ranked every High School Musical Song from Best to Worst to Most Culturally Inappropriate on a Tier List. Disney Channel just doesn’t make original movies like they used to. No one makes streams like I do either.

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  1. okay is wonderful says

    Ryan is actually confirmed gay now 14 years later but whatevs

  2. Shadic MCGS says

    Jesus f–k, how did I miss this?

  3. lauryn mcgill says

    When you ever put Troy and Gabriella's version of what I've been looking for in D Tier I felt so seen

  4. ANEERZA IMIA says


  5. femboyhooters says

    *troy speaking german*"Why is it in spanish?"

  6. xdLucky says

    Wait, is that even legal?

  7. Acustic Archer says

    Prom is not A or above this is easily worse than any genocide smh

  8. Trainer Fox says

    I love gay baseball song

  9. EnchiladaOfDeath says

    Listen Connor I’m doing you a huge favor for watching this video. My sister used to watch all three literally everyday. I could literally get ptsd and die but you said the video wasn’t doin too hot so here I am

  10. tortoile says


  11. Roger Goza says

    The Boys Are Back sounds like Disney’s version of a Slipknot song

  12. Cgotz says

    How dare you disrespect “Everyday” like that

  13. Jackisboy says


  14. Kanashimi 23 says

    I didn’t know you there was a fucking 3rd movie

  15. isabella kira says

    is nobody gonna talk about the fact he has light mode on for yt

  16. knockoutroundabout says

    The gay baseball song is the best one and it breaks my heart we cant see it in all its glory

  17. Tyne Empacher says

    Now connor, this is the best content. Its amazing

  18. VAPORtown says

    A Night to Remember is criminally low

  19. Radical cough says

    bruh i was the one who asked what the plot was..

  20. Ramon Corti says

    Thats not spanish

  21. Cory Baxter says

    connor you fake high school musical stan the Hawaiian cultural appropriation song was in the movies

  22. Mno64 says

    Bro how the fuck is "I gotta go my own way" not on S?

  23. Stick AKA Matthew says

    Should of done the Zack and Cody version of bop to the top but ok

  24. Micah Williams says

    “A Night To Remember” deserves a higher ranking. It’s my fav song from HSM3. The dancing is also great. That is all.

  25. Everpresent Crunch says

    They put Food Boy in Highschool Musical? Bold choice

  26. Velvet Monkay says

    Controversial streams yeah

  27. muuminyymi says

    ryan and the girl they tried to pair him with are both gay. it's not a couple they're allies

  28. Micah Beckner says

    “Gay people didn’t exist in 2009”

  29. okqt says

    I am so disappointed that "I don't dance" wasn't in the video :C

  30. kutty superfast says

    "secret ss tier">head shaving intensifies

  31. Potassium Cynaide says

    I never got the notification that you uploaded

  32. Potassium Cynaide says

    Good one Connor

  33. Feels BadMan says

    12:42 Ryan dabs

  34. Zach Hibanada says

    I remember watching all the high school musical and having the same name as Zac Efron but with an h, most of my classmates call me Zac Efron and honestly I accept it

  35. Jean_ Season says

    The fact I will never get to see you react to the "gay baseball song" makes me sad

  36. Hailey M says

    Joe Jonas was an extra at the beginning of Every Day dunno if it went on the video but he was there

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