I Simulated 10 Years in Football Manager 2010… here's what happened


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I Simulated 10 Years in Football Manager 2010… here is what happened
I Simulated 10 Years in Football Manager 2010… here is what happened
I Simulated 10 Years in Football Manager 2010… here is what happened

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  1. luka luka says

    Its cool they got Pjanić to barca transfer right

  2. Morti says

    «I like that crouch has played this much for the national team» you know he has one more cap than that irl?

  3. Morti says

    This was my first FM! ❤️

  4. Adam Cruickshank says

    Simulate the first UERO Competition

  5. harry tyler says

    Why do the old new gens look better than the current ones?

  6. MajkiPGWCh04 says

    Amanatidis, you really can't say that!? shiiiiiit. What's difficult in there? I understand if you can't say "Błaszczykowski" properly but Amanatidis?

  7. XoQ says

    lee Clark manages blyth

  8. Intoxicator69 says

    As a Swede I’m wondering what happened to Zlatan?!Should’ve been at Inter or Barcelona at the start of that year.

  9. Caleb Israel says

    These players are well known, I'm surprised you didnt know Eren Derdiyok, he was linked to move to Arsenal after an explosive season

  10. Matarese Circle says

    Who is playing FM11 today?

  11. kyr _ says

    you play fm games (or football games in general) and you see Marco Amelia and think he's a regen lol

  12. gkyriak says

    It is so crazy seeing Chygrynskyi still play for Barca in 2020, in a FM 2010 save, when he is actually getting intermittent playing time at AEK Athens, in Greece. Still a good player but not your regular Barca guy.

  13. Renan Pullig says

    I think marquinhos is a player known as marquinhos gabriel. He was never an important player for brazilian teams and currently plays for cruzeiro that got it's first relegation in history in 2019 and he was on the bench for most part.It's insane that he is one of the best players

  14. Irwell Fishing says

    poor palermo missing a shout out

  15. Joshua Maunder says

    I'm just gonna say that you missed Yaya Sanogo right at the start in the French National Team

  16. Cristian Martinez says

    I remember that in FM10 left-backs could easily get ridiculous average ratings.

  17. devon haigh says

    I wanna know who that cristiano ronaldo is playing for Santos lol

  18. Anruimentair says

    Nobody almost ever transferredWtf

  19. blokbratebruklin61 says

    You seem like a guy that only follows up on EPL, a bit of Serie A and Ligue 1. What a boring way to be a football fan, you have no idea what it's like to manage Hirving Lozano (HOPEFULLY YOU KNOW WHO'S THE GUY) in Serie B with Livorno (HOPEFULLY YOU'VE HEARD OF THE CLUB) in 2015 and then follow up on his carrier. You did heard of Wellington Silva (cuz you heard about Arsenal obviously) but you've never heard of Ansaldi . guy played with Rubin Kazan,Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and now he's with Torino (you know FC Torino, italian club…) Sorry to inform you but you my friend,are not a true Football Manager/Football fan.

  20. Rich Cooper says

    From watching some of the other vids without watching I can tell you that man city won a lot of titles Man u got close and it was basically man city man u arsenal Liverpool in that order most seasons occasionally one winning ??

  21. Mr. Reese says

    I believe it was Pamela Anderson, not Madonna :D.

  22. TheDarkNoVa says

    8:57 Pamela Anderson, not Madonna

  23. initman01 says

    I remember signing Yaya Sanogo on this game for Arsenal and he scored more goals than he played games year after year and when we (Arsenal) signed him in real life i was buzzing but he was a massive flop LOL

  24. Hidde Bouwmeester says

    In 2008 and 2009 AZ and FC Twente won the league in the Netherlands. What happend with them where they able to win more leagues?

  25. Dillon Holland says

    If I ever see lee hodson play for Liverpool in real life I would run around the shop across the road from me naked

  26. boshankers12 says

    Gael kakuta was my main man in my Southampton team

  27. 17degea says

    Amelia was fighting together with abiatti for the Ac Milan nr.1 spot around 2011

  28. Pieter says

    Where's Belgium on the World Ranking lol

  29. FULGORE X says

    Man why u dont like showing the squads?

  30. ellitho says

    Alexandre Coeff who you missed talking about was an absolute legend for me in FM10 when I won the Champions League with Crew.

  31. GTACIP says

    Mate you can get FM2010 at CEX for 50p, installs and works fine for me! Same thing with 09, 08 and 07

  32. Mário P says

    You missed Mourinho won 3 Champions League with Inter + 1 Europa League + 5 Serie A Titles

  33. Flamunio says

    Are you also huzzygames, you sound so similar.

  34. El Muday says

    am I the only one who saw fm10 predicted messi's six balloon D'or

  35. Cringe Master64 says

    pamela anderson not madonna

  36. Satrez says

    Oh i loved FM10, had 800+ hours!

  37. Judy Chen says

    29:55 29:56

  38. SammyT93 says

    Am I the only one who noticed Belgium are only 43rd in the world rankings? Did their current golden generation not make it in the game?

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