I simulated the LAST 20 YEARS of FOOTBALL in an FM20 Retro Database | Football Manager 2020


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The FM Retro Group have created a Football Manager 2020 database for the 1999/2000 season and let me get my hands on an early BETA version of the database to holiday forward 20 years to the present day and re-write 20 years of football history in FM20!

The FM Retro Group are a team of database editors, graphic designers and Football Manager enthusiasts who have assembled this database over the last several months. They’re constantly looking for new members so if you think you have something to offer get in touch with them! This is the BETA version of their 1999/00 retro database and they’re hoping to have a full version out at the start of FM21 before they move on to a different retro year!

Download the database from The FM Retro Group on Twitter 👉

0:00 – Intro
2:03 – First look at the 1999/00 FM20 Database
5:42 – 5 Years Later – the 2004/05 Season
13:32 – 10 Years Later – the 2009/10 Season
22:40 – 20 Years Later – the 2019/20 Season

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  1. lollujo says

    Let me know if you want to see more content on this database folks. If this video gets to 5000 likes we'll definitely do a part 2!

  2. Stalin Mao says

    scotland runner up in the euros. Mohammed Salah a Leeds player

  3. wngmv says

    Fergie's motivation is 12 lol.

  4. Craig Summers says

    Where is Ashley Cole?!

  5. Glenn Hasle says

    Don't know the german squad in 2005…how old are you? 21 now… this is a offensive…!

  6. akoot says

    Everton being 4th and getting skipped over in the discussion, just like real life!

  7. Zip says

    Anyone else remember Supat Rungratsamee?

  8. ni da says

    Xavi wasnt 29 in 1999

  9. Adam Cyrus says

    Basically simulating what would have happened if the Glazers didn’t destroy Man United😂

  10. Sean Vieira says

    Things you love to see:
    Barcelona managed by Alex McLeish
    Scotland finishing runners up in the Euros 2012

  11. Angel Badillo says

    This nostalgia trip made me wish fifa did random remakes thru the collection.
    I’d rather get a fifa 2007 or 2004 instead of a fifa 21 😴

  12. Brendan Purkapile says

    Raul to Man U: ………………. cannot compute. FootballManger20.exe….confused……must….close…..ShutDown….

  13. Daniel Lee says

    scotland runners up in euros

  14. Gazbanger says

    You went to look at Munich and didn’t look for Oliver khan 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. safkat hass says

    like my comment whenever this guy says "data-base"

  16. RAA08Channel says

    Hello new fan here. How to download the database FM 20 Retro? Thanks mate.

  17. Jordan Lock says

    Clicked on this genuinely thinking it was Adam Richman from Man vs Food, love the vid though!

  18. Zx Pingu says

    Yeah I fucking wish this was Leeds’ past 20 years

  19. Aj R says

    messi at united !!

  20. carl cederhorn says

    Diffrence between fm and reality = England is one of the best teams in the world, PL is the best league and all other leagues suck.

  21. stewart wallace says

    Alex McLeish becoming manger of Barcelona!! Wow who would have thought that

  22. Sam Allington says

    How do i get this data base kev

  23. Midfield Diamond says

    He just casually ignored Alex McLeish managing Barcelona

  24. Matty Lamb says

    Wayne Rooney?

  25. Yusni5127 says

    In the parallel universe, John O'Shea gets 96k per week.

  26. cotch85 says

    Alex Mcleish Barcelona manager hahaha

  27. cotch85 says

    Mario Jardel was great at Porto, I think he played for Bolton for a very brief spell but didnt do much after that.

  28. Lee Cawley says

    Where's Martin Palermo? Scored 25+ every season. Love Martin Palermo.

  29. tw j says

    as a massive Berbatov fan this warmed my heart a little :’)

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