i spent way too much money on these fashion nova dresses


i wish i would have a third nipple


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lova yaaaa my lil broccoliiiis
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  1. tori toscanini says

    ok yes that first blue dress was horribly thin and cheap looking but sis, your ass looked SO GOOOOOD

  2. Taylor Jones says

    TBHHHHHH the only ones i didn't like was the blue one and the black one, the other ones look bomb on you

  3. Shook Queens says

    I don’t like the toilet paper dress.

  4. Ridhi Jaiswal says

    Their standards too high lol

  5. Delicate Disaster says

    That feather dress looks like some sort of Halloween table cloth catastrophe from Spirit Halloween.

  6. catherine dubrovna says

    You sound german..greetz from Germany xD
    Update.. I was right.. You said it yourself. Schön Dich zu sehen. Du bist cool!

  7. th0t 101 says

    My grandma here in Belgium always says when someone’s nipples are showing she says “the chickens are standing against the fence”

  8. Kati-sama says

    This is the most emberassing woman i saw in the last years on youtube…

  9. jasmin _rdr says

    omg lachflash Garantie 😂

  10. liona squires says


  11. Ervin Koci says

    Exactly fashion nova can not change your face sorry 😕

  12. Ervin Koci says

    Du bist so hessisch

  13. Vitamin C says

    Girl where is that tie dye jumper from???????

  14. Danni V says

    Dang the camera quality is outstanding! ♥️

  15. talea locklear says

    girl yo body aint cute enough for them dresses gotta have the perfect boobs and booty which you dont have

  16. Nicodemus says

    My inner and outer goth loves that red velvet dress. It looks great on you, too! True vampire-chic.

  17. franckyboy NC says

    I want the blue one

  18. bjjTUNA says

    Is Vincent your boyfriend??

  19. Kylay Michelle says

    If you steam the blue dress it’ll look somewhat better

  20. Elianny S. Gutiérrez says


  21. Elianny S. Gutiérrez says

    Me encanta cuando hablan en español ajjakajjsjajaa

  22. Kuschelmonster says

    I'm german and I never heard the saying "Holz vor den Hütten" 😂😂 But I think it depends on which state you are from, i'm from Lower Saxony (currently living in Bavaria).

  23. Ulysse Leyssi says

    Elle est française ?

  24. Leona ASMR says

    Am I the only one that thought the blue dress was it 🤩

  25. Alyemen_ lover1 says

    She really looks like perrie edwards lol 😍

  26. Jürgen Stumpf says

    Weit you're from Germany????? Me too

  27. S H says

    I was always so self-conscious to wear anything that showed any part of my chest/torso area, then I got a sternum tattoo and my whole attitude and attire just changed, it really gave me a new sense of freedom and confidence and so now I'm looking to change my wardrobe a bit to incorporate it. I know fashion nova does do a fair share of chest exposing clothing but it always ends up ill-fitting. Anyone got any brand/store suggestions? I'm based in UK btw

  28. Gokart16 says

    is here eyecolour real?

  29. Rebecca Marie says

    We all no she has a fine ass 😍

  30. Mo Sunshine says

    New subscriber 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Jay Humble says

    That rose gold pink. Whatever color that is, the business woman one. I love it on you. Goes with your hair too. Keep that one. Although its a little short. Its soo cute on you.

  32. Mariana Moreira says

    luv u naomi u're awesome

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