I Tested VIRAL TikTok DIY Crafts and Fashion Hacks!


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I’ve seen so many fun diy tiktok videos and being a diy princess I thought I would give them a shot!

⟡ saran wrap t-shirt:
⟡ colored bangs:
⟡ LV bleach jeans:
⟡ glittern resin art:
⟡ whipped coffee/matcha:

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    you sound like @sugarcoffeelove you♡

  2. Julie W says


  3. mhar camero says

    May I know what yout necklace called? I really loved it ?❤

  4. certifiedpotterhead says

    I may be wrong but I believe you need to be wearing a mask and gloves when using resin? Just to be safe ?

  5. cailin mersola says

    Why am I getting blackpink vibes

  6. cailin mersola says

    Funner is not a word ?

  7. isa king says

    dollar tree always got bleach

  8. Victoria B says

    Am i the onlyone tryna fond the song in 1:11?? Like yes it was 3 sec but stiiiill?

  9. Anna H. says

    Uuh nava rose got 1M subs yay

  10. emma: says

    Where did you buy your jeans ??

  11. Ky Og says

    its funny how everything she used to do this was messed in in some way

  12. Michelle Guevara says

    Yesss 1975????

  13. NekoNeko Nhi says

    Im offened sis did not do bts for the shirt uuh??

  14. I Want Tae With That Kookie /Taleiakirby says

    That plastic wrap one don't really good. I did it and it ripped a little. I can't even wash it.

  15. the F.B.I. says

    your skin is flawless, pls do a skincare tutorial

  16. Althea Dsouza says

    U look like a bratz doll ngl???

  17. Lauren Fifer says

    I love this video. But funner isn’t a word ?. It made me cringe when I heard it. But I liked this video!!!

  18. it’s just lo says

    my favorite part about her is her little “idk’s” it’s sooo cute nava

  19. Amya Oxendine says


  20. Hosna Jabalameli says

    can u pls do a part 2?

  21. Faith Kwinda says

    I'm new hear and girl u are slaying

  22. Arianna Reese says

    You’re so dope!!! I Stan

  23. Kato The Human says

    For the resin one people use it to make rolling trays ?? THATS why it didn’t work as much on a canvas

  24. lilmissalis says

    do you have an esty account??

  25. Isabel Rubio says

    I CANNOT stop staring at the curtains on the back. Where did you get it from?

  26. Lily D says


  27. Krissy L. says

    the song in the transitions went hard but i don't know enough lyrics to look it up ?

  28. Emma Meinke says

    I had to stop watching when I heard “more funner”

  29. That girl says

    Did she have to use makeup remover on her hair? Was it hard to get out? All the questions!

  30. heart enriquez says

    im ur fan starting on ur tiktok videossssss I loveee itt

  31. Sleipnirseight says

    Heads up about bleach dying fabrics – even once washed multiple times, the bleach will continue to eat through the fabric over time, and the more concentrated the bleach you used, the faster holes will develop over time. But I THINK you can neutralize the bleach with an acid like vinegar. I haven't tried that out yet, but theoretically it should work (or at least help)!Source: hand painting swords and dragons and junk on leggings and tee shirts 😉

  32. Rebabedi Sefika says

    Why are all these ppl always nervous ?

  33. Laura Reed says

    The Saran Wrap shirt would be a good idea for events, if you want something for a day but want to be able to change it up

  34. Nicolle Ferraro says

    wait how did the bleach on the jeans not work?! I thought it looked great!

  35. Sarah Nazari says

    i fully agree i would marry any member of bts

  36. Satans Angel says

    i feel like for the hair one u could use color hairspray that wahses out after one time

  37. Weird Russian Girl says

    Where are her jeans from ?

  38. love n sweet2008 says

    Your lips shape & size is so BEAUTIFUL ?that long dark brown silky hair look beautiful

  39. P P says

    where did you get the map of the soul bts picture i can't end the picture online its only on t shirts oof

  40. Tobias Konrath says

    hahahaha so good , love it you are so funny omg

  41. yoo yoo says

    Does Somebody know the song at 1:08?

  42. Saga Fredriksson 5A says

    bts forever and A.R.M.Y forever

  43. Sarah says

    BTS Armyyyy ??

  44. Katie Harwood says

    When for a second you forget She has concealer in her hair ??

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