I turned this car into a COMPUTER MOUSE


Tune in next week when we turn Cheese Louise into a rocket ship #SendSimoneToSpace
Check out Simone’s video:
Blog post with code-n-stuff:

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  1. Physics Girl says

    OH MY GOD, THIS EXPLAINS THE RANDOM SELFIE. I responded back, and never heard anything…

  2. Ben Grahl says

    Hulk dab vs human dab

  3. Dog98k21k98k Studios says

    What type of car is that

  4. Eli Williams says

    What kind of car is that?

  5. Un- Known says

    Whats the make of the car pleaseee

  6. ItzBillyBop says

    What’s the mouse pad

  7. Porg Nerd says

    I want that hat

  8. J H says

    Her horn overheats…. Lmao

  9. sadmac356 says

    "It works really well! …Except for the part where it stops working." Programming in a nutshell.

  10. Claires Corner Art says

    I googled it. They actually made the world largest computer mouse 😂

  11. Larry Lentini says

    Simone doesn't really seem to be on Williams's wavelength lol

  12. Mazin says

    That's a trash car

  13. Nigel Adams says

    There's no way Simone is that old

  14. TheEnoEtile says

    The horn overheats. Why would you know that.

  15. homfri says

    turning citicar's into giant macbook mouse's could be what brings Sebring-Vanguard back and a 2020 CitiCheeseCar

  16. Allison Su says

    for the record, William is 29 as of 8/14/2020 fyi

  17. IGTI says


  18. Jared Gore says

    Simone is cute and you are a douche!

  19. Sad-Os the eggnog says

    default sensitivity in games be like:

  20. Apple Unboxed says

    On a scale from 1-10 how safe is this car?Oh not at all, No—

  21. Marie Paulhamus says

    its a citicar

  22. TDMWeegen says

    Hmmmmmm what's that tag I see?

  23. Amber Mature says

    Personal System / 2

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