i will delete this game… | Pogostuck


I’ll do it… I’ll delete this game… I’ll delete this computer… I’ll delete Steam…

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  1. Robin Is cool says

    He's back he's among the flowers

  2. Malia Ropati says

    he needs to play this game while doing the don't curse challenge

  3. Ouch says

    Top 10 saddest movies1 I was among the flowers

  4. Doge Amazing says

    5:55 poggers

  5. acousticbeast9 says

    I don't think there IS an option to go offline for Pogostuck. Best alternative I can think of is to just run Steam in offline mode and play the game from there.

  6. Sincerely, Watermelon says

    Now imagine pogostuck with pvp enabled

  7. Samantha Gardener says

    The most I've ever laughed


    Alternate between him being at the beginning in the Farthest he made it at the ending of each video

  9. G4ME MINER’s // RSG Production says

    Me when my friend is annoying as hell in class: 14:25

  10. Jarred Todd says

    The Developers:he knows the truth he must be silenced

  11. Bigperk22 says

    I really wish there was a reaction video of the developers watching marks play through.

  12. JD Brown says

    The destroy my channel challenge part 2 anyone? The challenge Markiplier did in getting over it

  13. CristianVlad 2013 says

    I as Begging To Think This Is Fake Cuz "This guy Made Some Progress, That's Not Like Mark" But Then I Saw The Spawn Again!

  14. Broken Poison says

    Ok, I'm stupid but he kinda sounds like Klaus from the umbrella academy at 4:50 lmao

  15. Jules says

    "this is my punishment for even trying"Feel ya boo

  16. 로또보이 says

    Its very good video.??

  17. cazz says

    Thats just… heart breaking..

  18. Jameing says


  19. Astriyana Shabiila J says

    watching this reminds me of how incredibly unfair life is, kinda makes me feel less alone lmao thank u mark

  20. Mitchell Jordan says

    The flowers reject him!

  21. Chaz Hagans says

    When my kids say their sick at dinner Me: 4:25

  22. musicto liveby says

    This game feels a lot like Getting over it…

  23. Conor Gillingham says

    Mark: I don’t like the big head Me: but you have a big head irl (Note I’m not insulting Mark. I’m just pointing out how huge his head is to fit his brain in there)

  24. Jayson B says


  25. MekaHonics says

    Why does he keeps on moving when he pauses its always throw him off

  26. Bubble T says

    R.I.P Mark's Sanity ?

  27. Dante Gallo says

    Making this game enjoyable would be as simple as setting checkpoints. In this state is just a frustrating, unfair and little unplayable rage game. Really appreciate your efforts mark!

  28. Jax Yengel says

    Normally people raging is funny but when it comes to rage of mark its scaryEdit:some parts are funny though

  29. Gabby Curtis says

    4:28 I relate a lot with my computer when I'm doing something important lol

  30. s Lauto says

    19:20 there is hope!

  31. Today Is Cloudy says

    14:58 when you watching porn and the intro has been going on for too long

  32. Judah Baggerman says

    I just bought this game…. played for a bit….then stopped… forever

  33. AuroraWoods says

    Why does mark turn into an opera singer and the most randomest times-

  34. ThatBoiSaucey says

    "When I say tomorrow… I mean f**king tomorrow." Me EVERYTIME that DAMN Windows 10 popup comes up

  35. Retr0 Foxy says

    Am i the only one that thinks that mark's voice resembles heavy's from tf2 when he's angry ?

  36. gacha fireflies says

    The game feeds on rage ÙwÚ

  37. michele labossiere says

    Marks hell is just playing this game

  38. Riley Martin says

    mark having flash backs of what is about to come here will lie Unus Annus -2019-2020

  39. Tommy Long says

    I love how the computer actively tried to fuck him over

  40. Cracker Jacker says

    That remind me tomorrow was the worst thing you could’ve ever done.

  41. Username. Jpg says

    " if i cant see it, it cant hurt me " – Mark 2020

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