I won an UNWINNABLE Warzone Game…


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  1. bigjibbsone says

    you're insane !

  2. Juan Flores says

    How you get that cloth wrapped around the hdr


    Good shit stone


    Ctfu this guy is better than me

  5. Jazil Zaim says

    Do more Commanding Officer videos

  6. JanLoc says

    I'm in shock and awe. Fucking speechless

  7. ChrisLips says

    Just legendary.

  8. Brian Honey says

    That was the single best COD match I've ever WATCHED! Talk about CLUTCH! Way to go bro…

  9. Brandon Aaskov says

    I literally clapped to an empty room when you pulled that win. They all got Stoned.

  10. B Case says


  11. Lukaslevanen1435 says

    I hate that now things on the map are disappearing. I tag things for my teammates and before they can pick them up they are gone.

  12. Benjamin Neal says

    that snipe at 7:17 was filthy

  13. Honda Powa baby says

    Wow that was crazy.

  14. Lucas Marvel says

    Sniping them then switching is stupid imo… ADS of bruen roughly 500ms + animation of weapon swap and getting on target 400-600ms.. ttk of bruen at long ranges around 700-900ms…. all your doing is wasting time.. snipers are for pussies who cant win fights without head glitches or sitting in bushes.

  15. Evgeny Lysenko says

    Give us a Commanding officer man ! Its been a while

  16. Macklin Wright says

    You got some good karma repaid to you at the end their

  17. GEMINI G says

    The Precision strike tells you the distance of a target! I just found that out yesterday homie

  18. Chad Hansen says

    Talk about perfect timing

  19. Traugott Bauling says

    Bruh that is quality right there

  20. jeee had says

    Haha the hands trembling still as he says it's the greatest game of all time

  21. Ali Zam says

    ینییییییی کیرمممممم دهنتتتتتتتت دستاش داشت میلرزید اخرش از ادرنالین زیاد???

  22. Clifton Watts says

    Dude, I love you lol. Hilarious reaction at the end!

  23. Simon Lou says

    I loved the reaction at the end of the game ??

  24. anakinawesome 2aa says

    I wish other battle Royales did the circle rotation like apex and pubg

  25. hdaddy76 says

    GG CO!! GG! 😀

  26. Cutco Henry says

    Something similar happen to a friend and I under stadium. We were able to buy 1 extra gas mask each at a buy station and the gas pulled back to us when we were each 1 second from being dead. It was such a beautiful moment shooting down the stadium campers when they finally had to jump down.

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