I WON Lachlan’s $10,000 Fortnite Fashion Show FINALS!


Fortnite Fashion Show Finals – Winning 1st place!
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Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. Ali-A says

    This Fashion Show was amazing, I honestly thought we were coming last after the first round! ?For the prize money, I decided to split my $3,750 between all the other finalists as I never entered for the money. ??I hope you enjoy the video! ?

  2. FLEX Blaze YT says

    Where do you Live Alia

  3. melon says

    why is crr in alis friends list

  4. Bob Fresh says


  5. Nathan Inglis says

    If you do sub to alia I will give you a fist

  6. tyrel lewis says

    yo man you up for a 1v1 ali A

  7. Ashton Brown says

    I use your code

  8. Eli Moran says

    No I got 2

  9. John Allan says

    I love you Ali-a

  10. Joey Vanover says


  11. Barlin Osman says

    Where did the comments go?

  12. Barlin Osman says

    Where did the comments go?Oh here it is

  13. William Roman says

    ? how

  14. Ruined SkyR says

    Ali-a’s laugh doe

  15. imnoahh says


  16. Orangedragon456 191 says

    3:10Sypher: don’t do it don’t do it drink it drink it The More that you know meme comes on

  17. Erik Rodal says


  18. hass the pro says


  19. killer Apps says

    Sub to me

  20. JMCubbieBoy912 says


  21. Pugachu524 says

    No way! Dude that’s insane

  22. Zach Attack says

    The meme intro is back

  23. Grace Stanners says

    All’s laugh had me ?????

  24. Seeboke Gaming says

    Why do you get hate for no releas

  25. Helen Ellis says

    Alia I love your vids

  26. Helen Ellis says

    And I use code alia in the item shop

  27. Ryan Dwyer says


  28. Emma Cooney says

    His laugh do

  29. Hailie Hinds-Blackman says

    Ali: Make sure to use code Ali a in the fortnite item shop Me:Ali a I never met someone that wasn’t using ur code

  30. ProGamer 345 says

    How to join a fashion show

  31. Conner Ard says


  32. ferg dog says


  33. FishyPlayz says


  34. Evan Muyco says


  35. Dabmaxi says

    people still laugh at ali ahis subscribers: still living the the past -_-

  36. Oli Gaming says

    Song at 8:03 ???

  37. Burakplays says

    1:16 keep playing it

  38. JMONEY says

    10:59 I am just laughing at the mech lol

  39. Josh Muirhead says

    Can you please please shout out my YouTube channel please please you inspire me a lot my YouTube channel is called Josh Muirhead

  40. Adam Kandil says

    He says I to me it looks like Sypher did everything he told you when to go and what do to DONT TAKE PEOPLES CREDITS

  41. Evan the gamer says

    Gg gg

  42. Master Fazu says

    How did you get the idea of jellie

  43. Krish Agrawal says


  44. Leanne Weir says


  45. Iestsion 123 says

    6:21 yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey

  46. Meka fulmore says


  47. Henr Malton says

    Well done for wining

  48. Joanne Orlando says


  49. Squarevenus08 says

    Bro Ali's laugh though

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