ICC #CWC19: Cricket Ka Crown Hum Le Jayenge!


🌍: It’s coming home.
India: Le Jayenge! 🕺

The best teams in the world will fight for the #CricketKaCrown in the ICC #CWC19! Watch the action begin LIVE, May 30 onwards, on Star Sports.

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  1. funny bones says

    Please subscribe my channel

  2. Pratiyush kumar Singh says

    Aaj ye sabke recomendentaion me aayega kyu haina

  3. Suyam ghatani Ghatani says

    Missing those days.😌

  4. Pranav Sriram P says

    Who is thinking that actually new Zealand must won the world cup

  5. ABHiNᗅᏉ GᗅMER says

    Indian lover🧡🧡🧡🧡

  6. Haziq Hussain says

    India wale majak aurate rehge aur England wale leke chalege.
    Es liye kabhi kusi ka majak nahi aurana chahiye

  7. AYUSH OP says

    But madam ji has finally won World Cup 😂😂

  8. Jay Vardhan Balapanur says

    India ne England ko mazak udaya aur final me kya hua india hargaya aur England jeet gya so you should not make any fun of anyone

  9. Sahil Saha says

    Elizabeth, the queen of England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 here says as madam.

  10. Naghma says

    England is cheater

  11. Jai Shivaji Jai Bhavani says

    Crown cricket ka to madam ji le gayi😂😂😂

  12. Avnish Gamer says

    Who is here during ipl 2020

  13. Swarnava Ganguli says

    Who likes Ben Stokes the most in England cricket team?

  14. GamerForZindagi says

    irony that England won 😁

  15. Myth Gamer says

    Madam zee sachmain world cup le kar gayee🤣🤣

  16. Md Eajajul haque says

    India has loss the game overacting

  17. Hansika Rautela says

    YouTube recommended this to me today, more than an year after the wc.
    I'll just pretend that my Indian soul was not hurt after watching this rn.

  18. Md Youhan Jaigirdar says


  19. Zaid Ahmed says

    YES TRUE😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  20. Honofa Begom says

    Icc nice song

  21. Swayam Sidh Choudhury says

    Looks like the promotion of DDLJ

  22. AFNAN Khan says


  23. Aryan Sinha says

    Other teams : teasing rani ji
    England wins world cup: raniji : that's " revenge " !

  24. 24 Reethwick Bawa says

    I don’t understand why the hell any sports channel doesn’t respect New Zealand Cricket team.

  25. Sai Deep says

    Who are see in ipl🏏2020

  26. Pubg Mind Gaming says

    England win world cup but new Zealand win all the people dil

  27. Hack You says

    Kon bar bar dekhta he

  28. Aditya Singh says

    Ye india wala Banda ab dikhta nhi koi aur ad pe.
    Samajh raho,samajh raho

  29. mamta mote says

    Really queen 👑 in the add wow

  30. Phoenix Gaming says

    I just love the fact that queen Elizabeth is so fat😂😂🤣

  31. Christy Samuel Moses Dsouza says


  32. ARKA SENGUPTA says

    Who is in October 2020

  33. Hritik Raj says

    WI dance was best

  34. RAp Gaming says


  35. Neelam Kumari says

    missing world cup 2019.2019 was the best year

  36. Siddharth Vikram Sharma says

    next year's world cup is ours.
    According to the method of winners
    2011 CWC was held in india and guess what india won it
    2015 CWC was held in Australia and guess what Australia won it
    2019 CWC was held in England and guess what who won it England

    so according to my own leaks, india will win the next one as CWC 2023 will be held in india, sooooo….. you know the result.

  38. Kuldeep Singh Negi says

    icc Cwc 2019 Was Fixed That England Will Win by this add

  39. Amazing videos wao says

    Funny cricket images.


    Semi final between ind vs aus and eng vs nz then ind won 2019

  41. reynald dominic says
  42. Abir Islam says

    England actually take the world cup

  43. Amitesh Mantra says


  44. Anil Barote says

    I just loved that west Indian 😂 and that beat also

  45. Bhagyesh Joshi says

    Theme of world cup 2015 was best

  46. sanjhana sowmya says

    Any one NOTICED ?? VIRAT KOHLI is MODIFIED and BEING called ' vicky '……and look AT his beard….some SIMILARLY WITH D one OF Kohli's….

  47. Swarora Talks says

    Anyone in 2020?

  48. Nikhil kushwaha says

    Reality is often disappointing🙄

  49. Rishi says

    World Cup 2023 Aagyi he sari duniya Bharat.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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