ICC World Cricket League Division Five, Group A: Germany v United States of America


ICC World Cricket League Division Five – Group A
Germany v United States of America
United States of America won by 6 wickets (with 29 balls remaining)
2008 season
Played at Grainville, St Saviour (neutral venue)
27 May 2008 (50-over match)


Toss – United States of America, who chose to field
Points – United States of America 2, Germany 0
Umpires – M Carpenter and SK Kad (Finland)

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  1. Venkata Usha rani Myalavarapu says

    All are indians

  2. Matthew May says


    Well, judging from the fact that there is a bail missing…

  3. Budget Media Waley says

    Dear Germany,
    We need your Metro coaches.
    You need our Cricket coaches.
    Lets talk some business!

    – A smart Indian

  4. prash jad says

    Cricket is highly outdated and boring sport

  5. Malcolm Marshall says

    the teams should Asiaamericans and Germasians

  6. Reyad Creation says

    lolzx! they can play 😃

  7. eddyvideostar says

    Video time of 0:50 minutes: How'saat! How embarrassing for the bowler who had clean bowled the batsman to be screaming an appeal for an lbw, and staring at the umpire not realising he had bowled him. The umpire didn't even lift a finger — and why should he? This dismissal should have been evident.

  8. Jim Wheeler says

    2nd bowlers chucks it, I want to see actual Americans play this game, see there thoughts after the match,

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