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  1. jerimy sims says

    My girlfriend said she hates juicy juice,Shes single now.

  2. Monica Juarez says

    I hate 49ers

  3. GamerRBLX says

    he talked so much lol

  4. demari jones says

    he fumbled the foot ball and the scope to score all u gotta doe is juicy juicy scoe all dat salt on yo team bc u cant beat your boy juicy

  5. demari jones says

    the song u made about DB<S lol

  6. graham huckaby says

    Juice john can you give me 100 robust plz I liked your vid and I am subscribed to you. I know this won't happen but it is my dream to play with you

  7. DJ EV-X Gaming says

    What does KFC stand for in your words?

  8. DJ EV-X Gaming says

    John: I think I can almost… Oof
    Me: Ok all you need to do is reset!

  9. Keiva King says

    Great vids =) my user lilz_1011

  10. Emmius says

    why the team choked

  11. saba gvaramadze says

    juicy you are a coat

  12. Power Gaming says

    “Pls don’t get jumped on, YOU NOOB!” ‘Intro’ “What in the FFC!”

  13. RoyaleKing RoyalePince says

    How does your football character look like that

  14. TxnyVxbes says

    if i have 1 dollar for every juicy john video i'd be soooooo rich.

  15. Hanselguwy says

    Juicy voice makes me geek

  16. Khalil Harper says

    Do TD only challenge

  17. gamingwith dj says

    im so ready till we play so you can throw dimes to me

  18. Khalil Harper says

    3:03 ''And that is a dad-OOF

  19. Jackson games says

    5:09 is the score real?

  20. Dakota Hayden says

    If you think dimerdillon is not as good at football and you tubing then juicy John then like

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