I'm losing control.


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It’s been a weird and rough few months for the world as a whole. I wanted to take some time to sit down and check in with all of you in a way I haven’t before. More of a one on one, how are you kind of talk. So I decided to start a series that I am calling MatChats, where we sit down and talk about more personal things. Today, I want to talk about how we all feel a bit like we are losing control of pretty much everything.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  1. kinda new says

    No now im anxious

  2. Wendy Jk says

    When I saw the title I thought he was talking about fnaf and how he can't stop overthinking and theorizing everything.

  3. ethan zamora says

    atpat: who's drinking tang?me: me.

  4. ethan zamora says

    why did people dislike this?

  5. WestMindGaminG says

    Mat Pat your the bro! Your so cool. I've been following for years. Stay up!

  6. CyberCanine says

    I was not expecting a phylosophical thoughtpiece, but I'm not upset. Stuck around for it, and like… I just want this guy to be okay. I'm scared shitless of this stuff too, but life will have to go on.

  7. Lemonium says

    other youtuber emotional videos: cryingmaatpat:

  8. Aiden Jorgenson says

    Does anybody think that hes close to crying a lot

  9. Cyanide says

    I`m just heartbroken

  10. Youseef Sherif says

    No i well nog see why i like airplains so no i want to like it fof ever

  11. BatgirltheRobin says

    Very good points and very good video, thank you.

  12. Nickie Jo Stallard says


  13. Luke Song says

    When I saw the title and thumbnail I though he just ended the fnaf seiries

  14. machinkkoo chan says

    ngl i cried while watching this. this video opened my eyes about the reality of my fearsits not on my control. thanks matpat, thanks for sharing your story and also indirectly helping me out

  15. •StarSnake• says

    Matpat: Im losing control.Ads: Take control of-

  16. bruh what is that dot says

    6:49 the mat 1.05, including fear of flights

  17. Imran Aditya says


  18. M says

    This video was so necessary ?

  19. unknown says

    the truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

  20. Sinisterbunny679 says

    im not scared of flying but mat… you just changed my point of view on airplanes…WELL TIME TO BUILD A SECURE AIRPLANE

  21. The Omniscronchulon says

    Is music making you lose control?

  22. M&N says

    i cried after downloading tiktok becuase there everyone was talking about the problems and i just didn't know how people can be so evil

  23. Ciera Ros3 of Crims0n says

    I get it ever since that September day I am a bit nervous on flights I was in 5th grade my parents were about to have their first anniversary (my mom and step dad) but even before then I felt uneasy flying which just made it worse after that event. I was scared to half to death when I had a flight alone at the age of 18 in July of 2010 for a visit to my godmothers house which was literally a 45 minute flight which was delayed to and evening flight and my mind went oh no why is my flight delayed? What happened? It was just a storm that hit where it was coming in from, That didn't help much though as another storm was supposed to hit later that night. I told one of the attendants that it was my first time flying alone and that I was a bit nervous. She gave me a gentle smile showed me to my seat helped me get my bag into the overhead compartment, personally showed me how to put my seat belt on before anymore passengers got on bored. The passenger who sat next to me could tell I was uneasy he reassured me that it was okay, unfortunately I had the window seat. There was a bit of turbulence he told me it's okay the attendant stopped by again and made sure I was okay. I didn't cause a disruption or anything I just looked up from my drawing as that is how I coped with flying or anything stressful at the time. When the flight was done and landed safely I thanked the gentleman and the attendants for their patience and understanding. But then I got lost in the Denver Airport, but that is a story for another time.

  24. Kakiyoin BUT WITH SHADES says

    I’m late but dis dude a genius from the start of his life

  25. Quinn Scott says

    OK I AM SORRY IN ADVANCE5:10 "EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR" ~ MarkiplierI COULDN'T be the only one who thought this

  26. Flopa da fish says


  27. Juliet Nowack says

    get this man on ted talk right now

  28. ChoculaUltra says

    Sad to say, but I have the same feelings when it comes to movie theatres ever since that one shooting in that Colorado movie theater in 2012. I was the type of guy who'd go to midnight premieres/advance screenings and all that jazz. Never again. I know the probability of it happening to me is probably as low as a shark attack on land but there's that mind goblin telling me "you never know."

  29. theunknownreturns says

    Maybe unpopular opinion, but faith and religion are also great for anxiety. It gives you a sense of calm that even in the worst things knowing someone is there with you, and will be there for you on the eventual day you die. It also gives your life a bigger purpose and meaning which also helps with a number of things.

  30. Emily Brown says

    Guess what? It's July. Still in quarantine. I ain't even scared of corona anymore. I'm just scared they will defund the police and life will become the Purge…

  31. Isa H says

    I get anxiety a lot so much i feel like I would actually cut myself just to numb myself of the emotion (but I try everyday to stop myself from doing that) hearing that it’s ok to be scared but not to let fear control your life from you made me cry, I feel like I don’t want fear to control my life and hearing that from you ment a lot to me, it gave me more hope that a can face my fears and be confident. Thank you.

  32. Jose Garcia says

    I’m scared of heights to when I go on a plane I feel like something wrong will happened

  33. Dougie Couston says

    I'm happy you like my country I'm sorry that you went from that experience that disaster was tragic

  34. MinecraftBruv07 says

    its sad because he has been through alot, yet all he wants to do is make people happy

  35. Gwenplays13 says

    Because I've been going on flights from the time I was like, 5, I have never really been afraid. But as an equally controlling person, (in a good way ;-;) I understand you. So it's okay to be afraid of something you can't control. Just don't let your fears control you. (Also, I know I'm late but like okay)

  36. Windy Playz says

    Don’t worry, I hate flying too

  37. Windy Playz says

    Also I miss Kobe 🙁

  38. billiebeans Beans0127 says

    12:31 Me: that was a day before my birthday

  39. lukecya says


  40. Zane playz 45 says

    Ahhahahahahahaha wow that's deep ahah

  41. Michelle Rabey says

    I know I'm reeeeal late here since I only just found this video…But this was really valuable for me and I still wanted to say thankyouAs someone who's recently developed issues with going out and seeing people (even though we have less covid restrictions where I'm from) I really found this helpful 🙂

  42. ZackTattleWalker Official says

    Every Time His voice cracked or sounded sad, I started to tear up. I’m very emotional.

  43. Evan Stidem says

    Massive respect for the video AND handsome Jack's bday… even though he was a crazy pyschopath

  44. BoxHead Animations says

    That hurt matpat 🙁

  45. Vincent Beaulieu says

    I have this uncontrollable fear of roller coaster to a very similar degree of what you describe. Thankfully there'll never be a point in my life where not going on a roller coaster is gonna have an impact on my life so I dont have to work on it. You Being able to still take a plane even with that fear just make me admire you

  46. Bois Co. says

    It sounds a bit like the plane trip was checking that your safe from animatronics in fnaf 4 and survive until the end of the flight

  47. Samuel Ton says

    I like these kinds of videos

  48. Kelly FREMLIN says

    In my years under 10 I was perfectly fine then I started getting the anxiety I began building a world in my head i began living in it the characters in my head comforted me whenever I got randomly hit by my anxiety I didn't ask for help I just went further in my head with my character's and my kingdom I was safe in control when I got the pencil in my hand and began writing stories I was in control I controlled what they said and went through it was so much easier then talking about it or asking for help

  49. Mara Woolsey says

    That was a great, moving chat, Mat. <3. Thanks for letting us into your noggin!

  50. Levan Playz says

    He scared of Corona

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