Improve your GoPro (Hero 7) Travel Videos with Cinematic Footage: 6 Examples


Do you want to improve your GoPro (Hero 7) travel videos? In this video I am going to show you how you can do that.

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Take 1: Camera Through Objects
This is one of my favorite GoPro (Hero 7) takes because it looks so cinematic and you can make amazing transitions with it. I show you a few examples and how you film the best cinematic footage with this technique.

Take 2: Speed Ramp 360
This take is a mix between the similar around the world shot and a speed ramp transition. I show you how to plan your cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) take and how to use the speed ramp to transition to your next GoPro clip.

Take 3: Person Time Lapse
This is a very simple yet cinematic take. If you are the person in the time lapse it is getting a bit harder because you are not allowed to move in order to obtain this cinematic GoPro footage.

Take 4: Time Warp
If you are familiar with the GoPro Hero 7 then you probably already know that a Time Warp can level up your cinematic GoPro travel videos. Therefore I am keeping this point short in the video.

Take 5: Slomo Face
120fps looks more or less always cinematic. I show you a version how you could use this high frame rate to improve your cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) travel videos.

Take 6: Sunset
A classic but cinematic ending of your GoPro travel video could be a sunset take. I show you my version I chose and to end this video I am going to show you the complete and fully edited mini GoPro Hero 7 travel video.

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