Improving PC Game Performance using Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS)


Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) has a frame limiter which surprisingly will optimize how your GPU renders frames when your monitor only supports a set refresh rate.

Check out PrecisionX for EVGA.

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  1. urbanelemental says

    A Quick Note about Witcher 3: It's optimized for 60fps, and if you are like me an have a 75Hz FreeSync monitor, you may find that the frames become strangely unstable (stuttering) above 60. On top of frame limiting, switch the monitor to 60Hz when playing W3 and you'll see everything smooth out. Check out a tool called "QRes" in order to make shortcuts for switching Hz.

  2. JJC C says

    Buuutttt, one stubborn tool to update for windows 10.

  3. JonelKingas says

    omg this helped me so much like before this in Rise of the tomb rider i got like 15-55 fps and with this did fps cap to 30 and now its steedy 30 fps all times it better to have 30 fps and not 15… now i can play all new games as if im playing it at console cause consoles use 30 fps caps to..

  4. sTuu says

    should i turn up application detection all the way?

  5. Xris M says

    great explination dude! thanks!

  6. Wayne Klinkenberg says

    Well, from skeptic (because i used to have MSI Afterburner and riva cause screen tearing and weird colour issues) to now agreeing 100% because dark souls runs better now(MSI Afterburner was the culprit).This was a very helpful video post. Thanks bruh. More videos like this so i can eek out a better experience from my old laptop would be gold, haha.

  7. Moataz Metro says

    ok i will try this I will say if it works on nah gg

  8. Jett Angeles says

    For some reason, this sucks at Far Cry 3.

  9. Jett Angeles says

    I tried to look at people’s comments to find out if they know about frametimes. But unfortunately, no. Frametimes determine whether you’ll have a smooth gameplay or not. You can have a game at 90-100 fps, but if the frametimes are incosistent, you’ll have a stutterfest going on. Using RTSS to stabilize FPS & frametimes to around 70-75 will yield to smoother gameplay just because your frametimes are more consistent. Having a G-Sync/Freesync monitor does alleviate this issue. But if you have SLI/CFX, your frametimes will vary and it’ll be inconsistent once again as that’s just the nature of multi-GPU.

  10. Stinkyller says

    @urbanelemental: To be honest i was skeptic even after watching your entire video, but it works. Actually it works and the games now work so much better.

  11. Pasta21 says

    Nice Info, thanks bro! 🙂

  12. heavymetalmixer says

    Does Rivatuner frame limiting add any input lag like Vsync?

  13. loleinlol says

    Man, are you in Siberia?

  14. urbanelemental says

    Things move fast, and this video is getting older by the day.But I STILL use RTSS to limit frames in some games. But I've learned, that if you have FreeSync you should try and avoid using any frame limiter including FRTC if you want the best overall experience. If possible, V-Sync or Adaptive V-Sync are your friend and you should use them. So be selective for the most part, but RTSS still does a great job.

  15. John Pilgrim says

    Put the frame time up on the graph too. Frame pacing plays a major factor in the smoothness of gameplay

  16. Barney says

    this program can be a godsend for people that have problems with some games that are cpu intensive, my 2500k struggles on games like witcher 3 and rise of the tomb raider,limiting certain games to say 45 – 55 fps on riva tuner means your processor doesn't have to work as hard

  17. edmis90 says

    I got the feeling that when I have RTSS open, then I have less delay even though I have the same latency as normally. Am I imagining things? Am I overly optimistic to ask anything on youtube comment section?

  18. Leo S says

    This sounds like an advertisement

  19. Bourinos02 says

    It does get a good performance, but for the price of screen tearing… In witcher 3 for example it's quite obvious, for me at least!



  21. Simon says

    YOU WANT EXTRA FRAMES! Watch this for an explanation.

  22. Kirby Parker says

    lol this nigga sound like tha riddler ☺☺☺☺

  23. Iain Garner says

    A life saving video – thanks! It save me a lot wasted heat, power and fan noise in Hearts of Iron 4 – I can't believe their isn't more info on this subject.

  24. notmy realname says

    i accidently capped it at 500 instead of 50 and boi did my titan x get horny

  25. one two says

    Also in case of crappy gtx 750 vga schematics it makes image more crisp and colorful if game can run much higher than 60 fps, and while using 60hz display. I.e. lego games series. It wasn't the case with gtx 460 (but it had heat-fragile soldering with such big gpu)

  26. Beattle1973 says

    This video greatly helped me out.  After turning off the FRTC I saw a huge difference.  Thank you!

  27. Ks says

    awesome video! thanks 🙂

  28. Facundo Ludueña says

    Pff my 970 does not turn on the fans until 60 °C, and that tenperature is hard to reach in games in which I can get more than 150 fps

  29. Steve Rambo says

    in the riva tuner pop up, should i have Vector 2d, vector 3d or raster 3d?

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