Indian Traditional Kulfi Ice Cream Making without Machine | Indian Street Food


This is how Ice cream is made in India using a traditional method. This tiny place called Kishan Kulfi falooda is one of the very few places that prepares the kulfi ice cream in a traditional manner without using any machine. These kulfi ice creams are using in making a delicious plate of falooda.

Address : Kishan Kulfi House, Chaat Gali, Sadar Bazaar, Agra

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  1. Faatin Maliha says

    Omg kulfi 😋😋😋😍

  2. Joe Cool says

    These people look like their work is so joyless. They look like they hate what they’re doing. They don’t smile. They don’t make small talk. They don’t give away samples. They avoid eye contact. They don’t look friendly at all. If you want me to spend money with you, provide better customer service.

    So let me get this straight. Your customer service sucks. You don’t look friendly or welcoming. To top it all off hygiene left the chat ages ago! And you still expect people to spend money with you? Really?

  3. TJ Amos says

    The cleanest thing in the video is the damn motorcycle

  4. Anokhe Pakwan by Manju T says

    Hello friends main youtuber hoon mere channel ka name ANOKHE PAKWAN hai lekin channel ko koi subscribe nahi karta nahi comments or like karta agar aap chahain to mujhe bhi safalta mil sakti hai , main har har recipe per bahut mehnat karti hoon please mujhe bhi support kijiye, thanks

  5. Matur Baman says

    Corona shock look at this video 🤭

  6. Arturo DeLa Garza says


  7. Arturo DeLa Garza says


  8. Harry Marquez says

    Why does the ice smell like curry???

  9. Sharman Chatman says

    I know it's a lil dirt in dat ice cream.

  10. illfantry4 says

    sweet.. light salty and a lil bit taste of rust.. 😋

  11. Bhuvan Bam says

    Your channel is so big but why don't you post quality content

  12. HarleyPhKs2 ! says

    0:36 the guy is complaining becuase the camera is capturing him hahahah

  13. rozina akter says

    Don't eat this type of ice cream😷😷🙏

  14. rozina akter says

    This ice cream is bad for our health🙍🙍🙍🙍

  15. THE GENUINE says

    Fokat ka milne se bhi ye nhi khayega

  16. Ritik Sharma says

    Aur wo uncle to brf seedhe neeche rkha hai

  17. Ritik Sharma says

    Are usnr neeche se utthai brf…chhii gnda..

  18. Pullman Ternence says

    I think you are an excellent blogger, and my work is perfect for you. Look forward to working with you3

  19. a ni says

    Astaga itu es jatoh" djalan d ambilin
    Y Allah 😥

  20. Universal Talks says

    First of all if u think u can eat street food with full of hygine so u are totally wrong if u want hygine than u have to prefer making these food at home or prefer high profile resturant where u cannot see how they are making but the amount of money u are giving gave u trust so think about it in 0.10-0.20$ u cant get amount of that milk and they are giving u whole stuff 😎😎

  21. Richard dreivyam says


  22. Justine Agbanlog says

    get some glove bro mygod

  23. Carlos Von Chong says

    La limpieza y la higiene me encanta un trapo que sirve para todo


    Traditional ice cream without mechine to make it

  25. Joe Cool says

    This was disgusting. I don’t even know where to begin. If I ever visit India, no street food for me. I don’t want a case of screaming diarrhea. No thanks. I’ll eat at the hotel!

    I know that there’s a huge gap in education. I know poverty has driven these businesses owners to try to make a living any way they can. But even by Indian standards, this was pretty nasty!

  26. Fernando Nazareth says

    É macarrão com sorvete ?

  27. Prank says


  28. Eka adhitya suwandana says

    Looks delicious…

  29. Shailesh Chodavadiya’s says

    Yrr the way they removes kulfi from tht I loves to see it😂😂😊😊

  30. Mehak Riaz says

    Kya gandgi ha wo apnai khato sa ice cream kat kr dal rhai ha aur bar bar usi water ma ice cream aur hand wash kr rhai ha

  31. lav nagar Gujjar says

    Kabir kulfi khayega

  32. Prithvi Rao says

    Sorry for saying this but do u know where the ice comes from
    Obviously they will not spend so much of water and refrigerator
    I know where the ice comes from
    Leave a comment u know where it really comes from

  33. zedrick zedwick says

    chill out people. american doctors in the 1800s used to deliver babies after doing autopsies without washing their hands first….

  34. wilmarie Manambay says

    Nako naman mahirap kami pero
    Malinis kami lalo na sa pagkain 😊

  35. jemson takhelmayum says

    Glove toh pahno bhai

  36. KISHAN G says

    LOL hahahhha my name is also KISHAN

  37. Taste And Bite says

    wow nice coolfie

  38. Travel. Music. Food. says

    I miss those days when I used to get these kulfis for 1 and 2 Rs..

  39. Monish Panigrahi says

    It is completely in unhygienic so I am not intrested

  40. madhoolika xyz says

    I know people are complaining. But he dies wash the containers befire cutting. Even if he wears gloves, he will be touching the same things that he will tough with his bare hands. The better option is to ask him to wash his hands often…

  41. Puneet Maheshwari says

    Sliced icecream like a vegetable

    That hurts 😞

  42. Jaydeepsinh Jadeja says

    2min silence for those who complain about hygine and eat pani Puri in evening😂

  43. Jamie Cho says

    What is that seems like noodles?

  44. INAM says

    Kabeer khana khaya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Love You English - Free English Lessons says

    Loved it totally. I'm craving for more.

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