Insane Free To Play Football Game | Gridiron (Northernlion Tries)


Gridiron on Steam:

Gridiron is a free to play football game on Steam that is equal parts fun and janky, check it out!

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About this game:

Gridiron is a fast-paced fusion of sci-fi and arcade-style football. Featuring easy to understand controls and a competitive multiplayer driven online experience. Gridiron features up to 7v7 both casual and competitive online matches, offline practice mode and much more!

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  1. David Garcia says

    Is the game coming to consoles soon?

  2. jvforever158 says


  3. Charles Webster Jr. says

    I can see esports potential on this

  4. Charles Webster Jr. says

    Why this isn't on PS4 and Xbox one? This is awesome

  5. uncletido99 says

    Lmao when the dude said "fucking" your face looked like a mom hearing her kid cuss. You okay dude? Never heard any big boy words before🤣 I shut your video off the second you went crazy trying to mute him. Like man….it's just a word guy lmao

  6. Type1Life says

    click on me for more gridiron

  7. music media says

    this man said i’m running a slant and he ran an outside arrow😂 his fb knowledge is so ass and no one is talking about it

  8. seaz says

    it reminds me of that one roblox football game

  9. shaun nelson says

    NLSS fodder?

  10. Beestonator says

    NL: Welcome to Gridiron!
    Youtube: …..This is Rocket League.

  11. Angel says

    Man this game is really a love hate relationship for me so far. Either im on a team hardly doing anything but BLOCKING!! and winning or losing because i dont get any other position. Ive played 11 games straight and still no captain so convinced it will never happen. There is a lopsided selection system man people just team up and only focus on each other and forget the rest of the team.

  12. Kyle Beauchemin says

    This would be a really cool mode for madden

  13. giyomu9 says

    what's up with the forced laugh?

  14. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  15. victoria helburn says


  16. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  17. Zedd8787 says

    Is it just me, or is the sound effect when he hikes the ball that of a baseball bat hit…

  18. Kayla Klimas says

    17:14 lmao get wrecked

  19. James Reynolds says

    This was hysterical. I really hope the NLSS crew is amenable to playing this at some point. 🙂

  20. Bottles says

    maybe i pooped my pants yknow?

  21. Chris Andrews says

    "I'm so sorry, I got styled on by Pepsi man – he did a 360!"

    "Is this what sport is like in America? – Wild."


  22. DanglingDong says

    Wait a minute that's not football

  23. Yes No maybe yes says


  24. G00N3R7883 says

    NL putting heat on the QB like Von Miller.

    Also is anybody going to address the fact that they appear to be playing NFL on the MOON?

  25. Salty Pumpkin says

    Him saying sports words might make this video more confusing for me to watch than 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  26. Killzone87 says

    may have been my favourite northernlion tries ever

  27. printer_fire says

    dude this and the fall guys video has me absolutely pogged

  28. printer_fire says

    seeing NL competitive makes me so happy. he is just in his element
    Also, we HAVE to see a team made up of you, Dan, Malf etc

  29. ChromieHomie says


  30. Jaco Z says

    So this is the first time I've watched this sport, and holy shit why does the game keep stopping and starting every 10 seconds? It's so frustrating to watch dude.

  31. Chance Bates says

    Out of all of the games to ever be released, especially football games, this is definitely one of them

  32. The Eane says

    this is not football my man

  33. Jah says

    Imagine playing a sports video game and expecting not to hear trash talk. It's a part of all sports they just don't let you hear on TV lol.

  34. Tweek the Geek says

    Listening to NL trying to struggle out a "skrrt" at 9:59 gives me life.

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