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  1. TheGacha Kitten says

    I made this for anyone who feels alone. Know you are never alone, and we can get through it together ??

  2. Parisvxbes ! says

    Hi! You’re music vids are amazing btw! How do you ask to use the music/get in contact with the artist?

  3. Nojay j says

    I love this song everyone should listen to it I know I am

  4. Hana Rad says

    Uhm in just bord sorry I have nothing to say but I did enjoy it bc this is my real life ?

  5. ItzMelly Gamez says


  6. KawaiiPotatos says

    TheGachaKitten I just posted the video hope you like it! Lysm ❤❤❤??❤❤??

  7. KawaiiPotatos says

    I just finished making the music video and the thumnail I hope you'll like it btw I think I'm going to post it rn and I'm going to post ok i decided to post it att 10 am ^^ ilsm! ❤?

  8. KawaiiPotatos says

    Hi can you cheak my music video I made for j but it will come out tomorrow ILYSM I hope I can meet you one day btw I think your so beutifull and I just wish you get 1 million subscribers and I hope you enjoy my music video! Btw I got inspired by you to make youtube channel Lysm! ??

  9. xxIzzyxx says

    This song is written by me because my name is Isabell 😛

  10. Fairouz 1 says

    I just wanna let everyone that thinks they're not good enough1.Your beautiful and I can't have beauty cuz God gave you infinite beauty TwT2.God wanted you to create you like this skinny, fat, black, white, gay, lesbian, straight cuz he believes that you're strong and you are good enough for the world3.BRO I'M LEGIT JEALOUS OF HOW YOU LOOK LIKE OMG LIKE SIS STOP BEING SO BEAUTIFUL I'M GETTING EVEN MORE JEALOUS 4.If someone judge you of how you look like just remember that they also have a heart and don't talk back to them just say "God created me and knows that I'm strong and good enough" 5.Lastly if someone tells you to go die don't cry or don't get heartbroken cuz maybe they have problems at their home and they try to be mean to see if someone is loving her cuz she doesn't get any attention at home LUV Y'ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨???

  11. xxGacha_ Pandyxx says

    I rlly love ur vids but can u do bad guy from Billie eillish or acapella

  12. Itz_Asthetic Donut says

    can i have a shoutout pls (idk how to spell lol)

  13. Roza Eghbal says

    Guys always stay positive! Never give up in life! Always know your loved and safe❤️I love ur music videos Gatcha Kitten!!❤️❤️

  14. Alanis Jaramillo says

    This made my day?❤️

  15. Lailanie Diaz says

    i love you so much we all have your back

  16. Aleah_ Gamer_Girl says

    Hi I love yall videos Username:Karina_Kurzawa234

  17. Andrea Davies says

    If you looking for some one in a video I'll be there….user name: jojobobo53. Ps: I dont have Twitter ):

  18. Max Brewwer says

    It’s true you have to believe

  19. juan miguel bocateja says

    ur video's makes me really happy i love ur video's soooo much!!!!!

  20. Sunset Island says

    Can you do another royal ran video please!

  21. Sam loves Puppys says

    I cried so much cause this is me

  22. Catgirl Cloud says

    Me in a nutshell :>

  23. lilymae sokoli says

    ur my idol <3 thank you so much for the like <3

  24. Caty Aemo says

    Heje XD

  25. lilymae sokoli says

    This acutaly made me love my self

  26. Yasemin Engin says

    Trading prencess high boots for plssss your heels bat mo heels plsss ???? me unsarname kralkey

  27. iiXvOnewhittlewoneweycookievXii Boo! U-U says

    hey Gacha! This my new account remember me? In YouTube in some of your first vids! 🙂 I copied your profile cuz I liked your channel..you had only 63 subs..now..21.1k subs! You are my greatest inspiration..even tho you had less subs you Still didn’t give up … Good job! Keep up!! 🙂 I hope you notice me..

  28. Christopher Ramirez says

    This is me But I'm the opposite I'm popular But I feel like People are judging me

  29. Misheel Bayasgalan says

    I love this! (Unrealted) Have you also realized I was not online for a long time on discord? qnq

  30. The little devil White says

    Ty I fill that way I’m subbing is it your real voice or nah dark thoughts omg ima cry I think of that stuff ty sm

  31. DJDaphne Plays says

    Such a cute song with an amazing message!Love you,Jen!!

  32. It’sAngel says

    Can someone please put a link to the real music video pls

  33. Melonixeq says

    Your insecurities make you YOU, do change that please! <3

  34. Ayla Dyer says

    thank u have tought me to be brave and positive

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