Inside Chelsea Handler's Lively Home With An Outdoor Pizza Oven | Open Door


Writer, comedian, and television host Chelsea Handler welcomes Architectural Digest into her sunny Los Angeles home for this episode of Open Door. Chelsea’s trademark wit and humor are on full display as she takes us through each room, highlighting the design choices and upgrades she’s made to the property, from her lively art collection to the custom patio furniture on the deck. And could there possibly be a better use for that outdoor space than serving a fresh pizza from your own oven? Probably not!

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Inside Chelsea Handler’s Lively Home With An Outdoor Pizza Oven | Open Door

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  1. Xaba Xaba says

    I don't know her, but her house absolutely amazing! Cool, really cool and perfectly for party!

  2. Los From The Coast says

    Beautiful home you have phenomenal

  3. Shararah Rayen says

    I cant believe she has friends

  4. Iris Sweeney says

    Chelsea is just too funny… I laughed while watching the tour! Awesome home and, she’s just a nice person, I have to say! She deserves to have a such beautiful home! ❤️✌🏽

  5. Liz says

    Sorry but am I the only one who hates modern design? Can’t stand all the white. Gives me an overly-sanitized, clinical feeling. More coziness please!!

  6. paivaiva says

    I always wonder how they take care of their exterior couch and other properties?

  7. Walle C says

    How can you not tell that piece of art was a person?

  8. ChrisTopher T says

    Gotta admit her sense of style is hot.

  9. Antonio Moonesar says

    I've seen all these houses have beautiful chairs out at the pool… in the open… can someone explain how they deal with the chairs getting wet?

  10. NatCeleste says

    She’s amazing 💕

  11. Ольга Шубина says

    I have only one word: AMAZING!

  12. kofylicious89 says

    One of my favs. Gorgeous home!

  13. Maddie Scott says

    She Is Sooo Silly Funny❣️❣️❣️

  14. Sara Khan says

    These celebs have beaches and hill station in their houses my god

  15. Miguel Martinez says

    I wanna smoke cigarettes there

  16. Rosa Santos Lima says

    I wanna be her friend

  17. esromulo says

    I love her

  18. Lisa Park says

    Oh sorry …i don't much care for her. Actually i hate her. I'm out .. Not watching : (

  19. Nora K says

    She is pure

  20. monica cappetta says

    Great and beautiful modern home. Love it.

  21. Lily Ash says

    Her backyard is the best one. The pool, the chairs and all the green…love it the most out of the ones I've seen.

  22. The Petty Pinkster says

    All that space outside and she allows people to smoke cigarettes in her house? Oh, no, honey! That's a hard no for me.

  23. farfallabianco1 says

    quick question for the rich people. outdoor furniture. how do you protect it from rain? you cover it up. what if you're away. have staff??? what if you don't have staff? and even if you did. do they remember?

  24. Parilee Bijou says

    I could watch Chelsea Handler anytime! Highly intelligent and a down to earth personality. What a gem!

  25. ManasKumar Behera says

    Out of 15:51 minutes video I have covered only 3:16 and I am laughing so hard. This woman is full of energy and her casual jokes are spot on 🙂

  26. Lim Lie Fung says


  27. vivo New18 says

    "where ppl are still forming complete sentences" lol

  28. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ says

    i know how to rob your house now

  29. Penny Brand says

    She is joking so much I can't tell if she really did have a treadmill outside lol I wasn't fussed on her bedroom, seemed super plain, but love the outdoor area.

  30. Aundrae Blackwell says

    She's not homeless.

  31. Marie345 PhUS says

    I love Chelsea!!! She seems so fun to be with …. She seems doing stand-up comedy all the time!! Very witty /intelligent person!!!

  32. Stuti Pandey says

    I love her house man. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted

  33. jeff mazzei says

    A that definitely has too much money

  34. Pabst man says

    Don’t lie this place is every teenagers dream house

  35. djihane noui says

    Thank you chelsea for the best tour i ever seen in AD

  36. MeeDoi says

    Did anyone else notice the person in the bush

  37. J. B. says

    Your ham wallet is an open space….used up estrogen bag

  38. J. B. says

    Can't stand this SPUNK bunker….nasty ham wallet ped0file

  39. S M says

    Her medicine jar is everything 😂🙌🏽

  40. Victoria Shoaff says

    Outdoor pizza oven… are you still accepting applications? I can be the pool boy or whatever 😉

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