Inside the Indy 500 of Lawnmower Races


Sure, you can use a riding lawnmower to cut grass. But you can also slap on a helmet, put together a pit crew and race. Yes, lawnmower racing is a thing, and it is extraordinary. Think NASCAR or Formula 1—just a bit slower. In England, the British Lawn Mower Racing Association oversees the sport. We followed the members of the Who’s Racing team as they compete in a grueling 12-hour endurance race in Five Oaks, England. Get ready to witness the Greatest Show on Turf.


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  1. Carter MacLellan says

    This actually looks like so much fun

  2. fred bloggs says

    Sorry folks but I'm declaring this yawn mower racing. What will they race on next – souped up Segways?

  3. Ryder Hare says

    When we race go karts we are not strapped in and we go 130km

  4. michael mac says

    They even do a Le Mans start

  5. GING GING says

    My abuela likes this sport

  6. Vlogs with Martin says

    I come up with these kind of ideas with no alcohol

  7. josh moore says

    I'd have to get really really drunk before I did something crazy like that!

  8. Thomas Greiwe says

    When the video says mower racing was started in the 70s, it's specifically talking about when it was started in the UK, as this is a UK video. So it's technically correct, but kind of incorrect at the same time. America was the country to have the first recorded mower race in 1963.

  9. Randsome Gaming says

    How do they stop the engine from blowing up with the governor delete?.

  10. Go karting infinity 33 says

    Are they as fast as a go kart

  11. In a Nutshell says

    F1 … never Heard of it.

  12. William S. says

    12 hours of le mow

  13. younggamer87 651 says

    My grand father has a 1985 ford race trackter

  14. MR. Doctr says

    They should've called the 12 hours of lawn

  15. Alec Harrison says

    7:40 is it just me or does that music sound like the “Stranger Things” theme song?

  16. Johannes Dy says

    This is pretty funny.

  17. Jackson Fees says

    I won the indy 500
    I won a lawn mower race

  18. AtlasHonda Pakistan says

    Where is hondas mean mower

  19. Trey Driver says

    Keep up to great work on the videos

  20. Upson Pratt says

    I used to know some "racing lawn mower" enthusiasts…They were crackheads…Dealt drugs, and put lawn mower parts over feeding their brat kids. I'm not saying ALL racing lawn mower enthusiast are like this, I'm just throwing it out there….I know someone that traded these jokers a rusty lawnmower chassis for their grandmother's percocet…

  21. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac says

    still faster than 2019 Williams

  22. Clive Nyathi says

    I agree with the all good ideas coming from the pub.

  23. Powphenom says

    Instead of Ford vs Ferrari its Craftsman Vs Cub Cadet

  24. TheQuietKid says

    Remember when mike boyd did this lol

  25. Justin McCarthy says

    After finding out it's made from a fellow Irish man I want to do it more

  26. Lumberjack king the great says

    Next up tractor racing or rv racing

  27. Koichi Hirose says

    I am speed.

  28. communist cat says

    I used to it was fun and the people were friendly

  29. Prab Han says

    🎵I'll be mowing from dusk till dawn 🎵
    🎵I'll be mowing from dusk till dawn🎵

    Oh wait they dont race with the blade

  30. clash god says

    Cars and cameras made a 65mph lawn mower

  31. bannedfahim thugrapper says


  32. Jirouwu says

    This just reminds me of Gnomeo and Juliet with the lawnmower racing

  33. skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo says

    A version of IMSA’s 12 hours of Sebring

  34. mightress says

    That looks like fun and reasonably cheap to race.

  35. Anna Golebiowska says

    I wanna fly over the track in MSFS 2020

  36. TWolf Gaming says

    It should be called the game of lawns

  37. DrewTube says

    Friend: "I went to Hawaii over the summer."

  38. MEME#HORSE says

    1:04 why is his head smoking?

  39. Dan Bone says

    Always knew that Wisborough Green had a big lawnmower race, didn't know it was the original!

  40. sam moncy says

    Like any good idea, it started in a pub….🤣🤣🤣

  41. Guy with mental breakdown says

    Charles,Albon,and George was pretty much racing these vehicles

  42. Juan Cena says

    390cc lawnmower 😆😭😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆

  43. just a car guy says

    I live in the netherlands and we also have these mower races, only here you can (almost) change whatever you want as long as it looks like a lawnmower. So the mowers have 600cc 100hp bike engines which makes them stupid fast.

  44. Steven Dohm says

    What transmissions do you in the rear end? I’m very curious

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