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Android Q Android 10.0 Rom Finally we have full release of Android 10 Full Step by Step Guide How to install android Q Android 10
First Android Q Android 10 Custom Rom for all android phones Like Samsung Redmi Oneplus Moto & Many More
how to iNSTALL ANDROID 10 Q IN ANY ANDROID PHONE We will install android Q in any phone via gsi what is Gsi ? A generic system image (GSI) is a system image with adjusted configurations for Android devices.

Guys Android 11 is out
How to Install Android 11 Easily :-


How to Install Android 11 Easily :-
Downloads All Android Q 10 Files here :-
How to Install Treble Recovery :-

Full Review of All Roms Here
Havoc os 2.0 Pie Rom :-
Pixel 3 OS pie All Phones :-
McAOSP Pie 9.0 Rom :-
CrDroid Pie 9.0 Rom :-
Arrow os :-

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  1. Game of Roms says

    How to Install Android 11 Easily :-

  2. thewerid GuY says

    Instructions unclear ended up installing iOS 13

  3. Tim Rebel says

    speak English clearly cant understand you

  4. Minecraft Gamer209 says

    Android 10 supports internal audio recording for a heads up

  5. Xx20milyon gamer says

    Add a public comment…

  6. Anthony Tones says

    Come to comment to see if it worksEveryone insulation unclear

  7. Zenshin Shin says

    My phone does not support "project treble" can i still update to android 10?


    vendor link is not working can l have another one

  9. No Name says

    Instructions unclear, ended up installing USA's nuclear panel. Now North Korea is looking for me

  10. HARTADI says

    Asus z017db?

  11. Sharjeel Mughal says

    Can i install in infinix zero 5?

  12. narima serad says

    Da heck the comments made my day HAHAHA

  13. 楠本明 says

    Installation Unclear, Ended up with Instaling North Korea OS

  14. MiTh Vakr says

    Bro how to use custom rom in vivo z1x

  15. Kazuma- sama says

    Is this possible for Huawei nova 3i/Kirin 710, proccesor??????

  16. Lawrence Walker says

    You can install it on any android phone as long as it is "strable"? Supported.

  17. Chon Kik says

    I ended up installing COVID19 rom, it's so good, gives us every information of upcoming results of the latest COVID cases ?

  18. ClyroaS says

    Are you sure that osSupport all devices?

  19. mc donsmart comedian says

    No clear explanation

  20. kevene hidweg magcuro,huit says

    Is it compatible to oppo f3 device??

  21. nikiplam says

    installation unclear ended up installing macos

  22. Alicia blakime says

    Hi can you pls help ! Ever since i installed android 10 on my samsung s5, the smart switch is not able to recognise my phone. Cant recover my data. Pls help. Thx

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