Intel: The Godfather of Modern Computers


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Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker based on revenue and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors: the processors found in most personal computers (PCs).

Intel supplies processors for computer system manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Intel also manufactures motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing.

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  1. Business Casual says

    Love BC and want to see videos before they go live?Follow us on IG! ( ?

  2. Anand Potukuchi says

    So a story filled with backstabbers? Great!

  3. ActiveHybrid says

    Why nobody is talking about intel’s bribe to pc manufacturers? Are we a third world country ? We would be using faster cpus for half money by now…

  4. toniodotcom says

    Imagine being the one who invented the machine's neuron (transistor)…The evolution of the whole human species started with you.

  5. Tompok Channel says

    You did'nt tell us TOSHIBA STOLE RAM then INTEL MADE DrAm

  6. milk says

    Aaaaand the godfather is dead

  7. Kakashi Hakate says

    I am going to break 666 comments

  8. Jon Luc Robertson Louw says

    Story of Intel: He left his company and started his own company and then someone left his company, and then someone left that company and made intel


    Intel Malaysia pay is so low try to increase more

  10. Nishanth Saranu says

    Intel sucxx Qualcomm is tha best

  11. Hardik M Shah says

    Watching this video as an incoming Intel engineer!!!

  12. Jon Luc Robertson Louw says

    20th century you need a computer the size of a wardrobe which cost hundreds of thousands calculate 5 times 9 2018 a 60 pounds tiny Amazon fire can browse the web complete advance calculations set timers and loads moreWhoa

  13. Luc Minvi says

    I did see the neko girl… hehehe

  14. John Smith says

    The traitors

  15. Caked Pants says

    You know what's funny what happened to Intel in the early 2000s is happening again in the early 2020s and AMD is rising once again

  16. Lian Umbara says

    Intel Pentium Proceesor 6:00Intel Inside

  17. Lian Umbara says

    4:14 Hewlett Packard Logo

  18. Peter Blake says

    I think that Fairchild's F8 was first, before Intel's 8008

  19. Robert Kelly says

    Intel have a monopoly with desktop computers nearly.

  20. Ari Martua says

    awesome video

  21. X_Tryhard_Max_Pussy_Destroyer_X says

    intel the step godfather, amd the true

  22. Ranjan Biswas says

    AMD buttfucked Intel HARD in last year.

  23. v4lkerya says

    Do anyone know the name of the music in the background?

  24. Saskia van Houtert says

    The chip, the microprocessor, the transistor, the CPU, the Hard-disc all great inventions that we need in the computertechnologie, thanks for showing and kind regards.

  25. darthvader5300 says


  26. MS J says

    1 billions revenues in 80s great Intel

  27. shiven3456 says

    Did he say ‘IBM lost the market to cheap compatible copy cats’? Seriously? Am i in nazi Germany to listen to this bullshit propaganda? IBM copied several industry leaders like Apple. Thats the fact.

  28. Donny Prod. says

    That’s not a lawsuit that’s a sponsor

  29. elrajes says

    wow youtube recommend lolcry know intel fangays ?

  30. Nicholas Knight says

    Ok, you have most certainly watched Re;Zero if you keep sneaking Felix in as an easter egg.

  31. Mcleod says

    Imagine going back in Time with the computers we have today they would think we're aliens

  32. Showsky says

    Funny since X86 is an AMD propirty

  33. Cheeto theWicked says

    You should do a vid on the rise and fall then rise again of AMD

  34. hmidh says

    seems it forgets about the threat of ARM most fit for equipping smartphone tablets and so on …

  35. chesquid says

    Crys in amd

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