International SuperStar Soccer 98 – GAMEPLAY


Gameplay of International SuperStar Soccer 98

Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami OSA (KCEO) / Major A
Genre: Sports
Number of Players: 1-4
Release Date:
US: September 15, 1998
Japan: June 4, 1998
Europe: September 22, 1998
Australia: September 22, 1998

Features: Controller Pak

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  1. Axy7 says

    El mejor juego de fútbol del mundo. Mejor incluso que el 2000 en la misma consola.

  2. CptnJCFG says

    Ahh Lomalio, so much nostalgia!!

  3. kjb 123 says

    OMG, it's been 15 years since I've played this game! Use to be sooo into soccer. Recently rediscoverd it and I'm finding I love it just as much, if not more, than all those years ago. I know this is an old ass video, but if anyone sees this comment, any soccer videogames you recommend?

  4. チヨЯ★ ッ says

    The only football soccer game i actually liked 😀

  5. med marouen says

    still better than pes 17

  6. imjustkidding says

    Where will he pass the ball next???

  7. Per07 says

    how little the games have evolved in +/- 20 years

  8. Dorimi Prism says

    Best soccer game ever made.

  9. Cesars Borgia says

    le meilleur jeu de foot des années 2000 voir dz tout les temps

  10. CoTeCiOtm says

    The commentator on this game is nowhere near as good as the one in ISS64, the other one was extremely entusiastic hahaha!

  11. Mohammed Alhazmi says

    Lomalio 11 !!!! hahahahha i hate to be racist but come on !!! come oooon!!!they ment the legend Romario obv

  12. Divino Youtube says

    good times!!

  13. SPAGETT says

    With less than a minute-

  14. asemanate says

    eso no es nada yo le gane a alemania7-0

  15. LimZS says

    Does anyone notice Klinsman (Klinsnam) in 2:09?

  16. David Araníbar says

    New group de Snes Soccer Online

  17. BurnBabyBurn! says

    "Northern Ireland, got a lot to do now!" Most repeated phrase from the commentator ever when i played this game lol. Great memories 

  18. rubo111 says

    Damn level 5 keepers, block everything first time, except for long range shots and dribbles around!

  19. Ben Stephenson says

    Does anyone remember the amount of ridiculous injury time you used to get?

  20. dgeeza85 says

    Best football game ever, period.

  21. niko bell says

    the, coments, sounds, cameras, grafics, menu all of it its cool i wish now they release a game like this to ps3 or ps4

  22. niko bell says

    thats one of the best soccer game ever

  23. m0rdecai89 says

    Super strike!!!

  24. ULTRAS Alive says

    i was brought here by the news that tony gubba died. I thought hang on .. lol ISS pro 98

  25. Gregory King says

    Just heard of Tony Cuba passing away, I immediately searched for this video. I grew up with his voice as an soccer fan. Legend

  26. hippynmagic says

    RIP Tony Gubba – ISS'98 legend!

  27. iGotSpaceLikeNASA says

    R.I.P Tony Gubba! 🙁

  28. TheIoMeroMero says

    Well done, Lomalio!!

  29. Ichzick says

    awesome game,i used to play this game with my brother all days!

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