1. Anthony P says

    So this is what shilling looks like

  2. ManofGears says

    This dude needs to get fired or leave. He has consistently messed up the marketing for Xbox series X to the point that it is no longer desirable by the majority of people!

  3. Shinobi desu says

    Sooo I have a very expensive gaming PC, why would I buy an Xbox series X if I can play all Xbox exclusives on PC with better graphics?. I think Xbox still Doesn’t understand what it means to fully leap into the next generation. They are not making it essential to own an Xbox and I wont. I’ll be getting a PS5 because the exclusive are usually better and I can’t play them anywhere else.

  4. Saurabh S says

    Wow she is so scared to ask the hard hitting questions, she’s so scared to ask about the graphics downgrade. A terrible journalist really

  5. Trey Young says

    putting the players first! i love it.

  6. Juju Verpres says

    Good morningIt is 7.07 pm in France.One question must be asked :If all games Will be avaliable on gamepass at launch and payable on previous systems why purchase a new system on Day one ?Yours Faithfully

  7. mynameisgrade says

    Utter excuses and no offense to the interviewer but pure kissa**ery.

  8. Ali Manna says

    I hope everyone understand the value of Game Pass


    1.5 trillion-dollar company. 12 teraflops console. And your "flagship" title is a "work-in-progress" 5 months from release?

  10. John Overholt says

    So excited for the game pass for PC stuff!

  11. Sumona Florence says

    She looks like a dude.

  12. Manuel Orbea Otaola says

    What a moron! Man… how can you sell the console by saying that it’s optimized for xbos series x when the demo showcased was running on Pc and looked like shit. Fire this man asap! Is a disaster in all aspects.

  13. R J says

    Game pass is doing everything right. It's no different that Netflix heavily investing in their content.

  14. FuиKy says

    sony showcased their games in 1080p 30fps and it still looked better than halo, thats sad. on top of this.. xbox released footage in 4k after show but running on PC? really?!

  15. Gilbertjames007 says

    She’s cute, her chair is cute, first time seeing her ever, I like her platform and everything, but her body language is trash. Like her eyes are all over the place except on her viewers lol I sense insecurity of some sort lol…..

  16. corsair expanse says

    Aaron Greenberg should be booted out from MS, that Fat dude makes terrible PR for Microsoft. He totally destroyed the Xbox Games showcase.

  17. Manuel Orbea Otaola says

    Actually there is no reason to buy Series X at launch even though to what this guy says. The showcase was a total disaster.

  18. Div says

    If microsoft studios cannot deliver Halo how can i expect them to give good console. Um until now i was xbox fan but i think this time it's worth buying ps5 insted of fake 12TF xbox. It's gimmick. DON'T BUY NEXT XBOX.

  19. Larry Mize says

    Did he say that the ring was "all exploitable"?

  20. JAIME GARCIA says

    Here is a tinfoil hat theory: what if Cyberpunk is coming out for Game Pass at launch? Here me out. Every game mentioned at the show is coming to Game Pass at launch. They mentioned cyberpunk as the biggest game of the year. They didn't show gameplay but they did mention it. They are setting it up for the big reveal

  21. Johnny In Japan says

    "We're in a global pandemic" oh put in the deck and reshuffle. Tired of people using that bullshit excuse for literally everything. Not buying it buddy. Also 4k60 isn't going to make the graphics good. People are way too focused on resolution and fps as if that's the whole focus of the next gen. What a bullshitter. Who is this fool?

  22. Nick the Pick says

    XSX day one for me with halo infinite! So excited for this holiday

  23. Nick the Pick says

    Hmmm, and PlayStation killer app is a dlc, and that’s ok?

  24. Garminizator says

    Sony was able to show the beauty and the power of the PS5 via a stream perfectly fine and in the middle of a global pandemic and have even confirmed that games will have 4K 60 FPS modes on the PS5 so all those "PS5 is stuck on 30 FPS" lies are out. Halo Infinite on the other hand doesn't look any better in a 4K 60 FPS video. I can't wait for the game to finally release and everyone will see how many marketing lies and how much damage control there has been in the past few days, but I guess even then pathetic fanboys will be defending everything Microsoft does and shows while expecting games that are on PlayStation exclusives level quality. And this is coming from someone who's getting an Xbox Series X, stop being an idiot and demand more from them since they've more than obviously been promising a hell of a lot more for years now. But of course, it's all just for the sake of marketing, they can't hold a candle to Sony and only want games mass produced for Xbox Game Pass which by itself can be a good thing, but not when games are just turning into low quality mass produced live service garbage that only exist to collect microtransactions money without any meaning or a meaningful impact on the players.

  25. Deeke says

    Streaming power = data streaming, as in how fast/efficiently data is streamed in the I/O pipeline to (and from) components like GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD, etc.

  26. Bar Ilish says

    "nOt AsKiNg YoU tO bUy AnYtHiNg"That show literally begged me to buy a PS5.

  27. EZshock says

    Crossfire X single player is neither F2P or in GP day one.

  28. Sith Hunter says

    So many lies from this guy in this video. Xbox is all marketing bs. I'm glad they are Failing hard.

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